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Thursday, September 13, 2007

What the...(Michelle): Chain story part IV

Was he going insane? Was this mental conflict driving him to insanity?

His favourite fictional character of all time was right there in front of him! He suddenly felt immense happiness. He forgot all his worries and starting singing and dancing to the ever famous ''I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it''. He moved closer to those big huge fun filled eyes motioning King Julien to join in and before he knew it, King Julien pulled out a chainsaw from thin air, threw his furry little head back, screamed and spoke with an evil glint in its eye.

''I hate that damn song'' said the lemur

[sorry it seems like more than seven lines because of the picture =]


  1. hii michelle,

    he he u've introduced violece too.. wat next?? let me try sumting else now ;)

  2. O H M Y GOD

    Saw4 in making now.... dude this is goooodd.. heh

    slaughter... by the funniest character... this will be tragic ;)

    well twisted michelle

    lets see wats coming...

    darsh :)

  3. hahahahahahaha evil King Julien? Nice one Michi :):)


  4. Hahaha...I just love the way this story is progressing..we seem to be progressing to horror once more..*claps*..nice going,Michelle.

  5. diya,

    hehe wat uve tried is sure keeping the suspense level risen!! ;P


    haha u know what the funny thing is? i WAS watching SAW yesterday!! maybe i gt a bit too influenced :P


    hehe thanks sure u'll make it better ;)


    hehe thanks...i think watching saw the night before made me think tht way...m not much of a horror story person :S