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Friday, September 14, 2007

Fear (Diya):Chain Story Part V

He could feel the chain saw slicing through the air aiming for his head.. In horror he closed his eyes and crouched down..In his head he heard a loud sound of the weapon jamming his head and then redness all over.. But slowly time tickled and he cud feel the perspiration running down his right temple.. That meant he was still alive.. He felt confused.. He tried to hear what was going around, scared still to open his eyes..He could hear the crickets chirping, no rain nothing.. He dared to open his eyes.. only to be swarmed by blinding while light...


  1. ooo getting so interesting Diya!

    **blinding while light

    u meant WHITE light right?


  2. Diya diya dear....

    kya intensity hai, baapre ... can feel the whole scene... bole toh ... absolutely intense here... and wat a closing this episode up jst at the white light... it is jst like sayin

    "Yeh hua aaj tak ke liye... intezaaar kijiye kal tak" and audience shout... areyyyyyyyy yaar... thoda aagey bata bhi dete... ;)

    good 1 once again.. :p


  3. Hi,Diya...He 'saw the saw',I guess...brrr...nice take..awaiting the next,err,step from somebody.:)After blinding white light..

  4. oooooooooo cleverr!! i left the person tht wud continue in quite a tough spot!! hehe u made it better!!

  5. gud gud
    gud turn..
    towards life and posetivity!

  6. keshi,
    yes white is wat i meant.. sorry my bad.
    darsh, he he
    ab itna to mat chidavo yaar mujhe ;)
    amitl, yup me too
    michele, glad u liked that
    AA, yes positive is the key :)

  7. arey baba... no chidavoing or so.... lol :) good one sachi