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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Here's to....... oops am confused!!! (Sam)

Ah!! finally a topic that has left totally confused. Now when we talk about addiction we can be talking about so many things. It can be something as simple as chocolate (quite materialistic there!!) or something as philosophical a thing like truth. Right? So, when I sit down to jot down my addictions, it seems like I'm addicted to too many things. Hmmm..... where do I start? Childhood, teens, youth or current days?? Blimey!!!!!


I remember how I loved to try out weird things. Climbing tress, scaling walls, water pipes, stealing fruits from a neighbour's tree... yup!! you got it right i was addicted to being mischievous. And that's how I was growing up till I chanced upon sketching and crafts. picked them up and went after them with a vengeance. Scouts was next to follow. Gave them all up by the time I was 13. Scouts, 'coz of academics, crafts.. lack of patience, arts... still on but in a very remote manner.


Now, was the time to pursue tennis and cricket. Started coaching in tennis, and went about it in an on and off fashion till I passed out of school. My obsession with music started during my late teens when I got approached by a friend to form a music band with me as a lead singer. Used to bunk lectures for the practice. Were on for about a year before college took us all in different directions. It was in college, that life took a different direction. Addiction was Music and sports. Somewhere along the line I had dropped fine arts... let's say ethics mattered a lot to me!! My new subject of interest was the human mind.

Youth and current days:

Well, this is were the lines blur out a lot.... Music and sports remained till I graduated. From then on its been only music, till I started blogging. The closet writer decided to come out into the open, and since then nested comfortably in front of a computer I have happily punching away my thoughts. And my latest (and most important) addiction... well.. she is seated comfortably in her office in a not so distant land, frowning at the monitor as she prepares a report and wondering when I'd call her.... and smiling at times (the reasons vary... so can't say!!)

In between, I have remained thoroughly addicted to friends. Yup!! it matters a lot to me. And the funda of living life King Size!! yeah.. no matter what you do, one should never forget to enjoy!!

My addiction is LIFE!!! I wanna live it up!!


  1. and i hope the your current addiction "she is seated comfortably in her office in a not so distant land, frowning at the monitor as she prepares a report and wondering when I'd call her.... and smiling at times" ... remains a lifelong addiction ;)

    this post made for a nice read!

  2. I too hope so ishi.. :D
    let's see wot life has in store for me!! :)
    and thnx... :)

  3. Hi,Sam..heh heh..nice set of addictions,I must say..the latest one 'in the office in a not so distant land...'made me smile-here's wishing you good luck and, happy living it up.:)

  4. keep living it up sammy(i think i'll start calling u that) hehe beatifully different :)

  5. Music is a must for me too. If not I'd be dead!

    U play Tennis? Cool.


  6. @amit:
    thnx bud!! but as teh saying goes... there are many a slips between teh cup and the lip.. so let's hope for the best!! :)

    @mich: hey u can call me dat no issues!! :)
    and different??? hmmm... and there i was thinking just an ordinary guy writing an ordinary post!! :P

    @keshi: oh!! we end up having too many common tastes now girl!! anywyz, haven't played tennis for abt a couple of years now.. ever since i completed my grads.... god!! how i miss it... especially the mixed doubles!! ;)

  7. Dude! Is that your handwriting? I swear i could hv said its mine.

  8. that was the longest anecdote i have ever read :)

  9. I liked that last line...:)

  10. LOL @mixed doubles!

    hey Sam d u play the guitar?


  11. @aakash: that sure is mine!! :)

    @vishesh: well buddy... had to cut it way short :P

    @raj: isn't dat ur core addiction too??

    @keshi: yup a lil bit a few chords here and there!! nothing much...

  12. Phew! I could never consolidate it all the way you've done it! lol hats off to ur memory man! lol