This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Friday, July 27, 2007

BUF Admin - Final Call

Hi All,

As you must have noticed, we have been looking for new BUF admins for quite a long time.

We believe it is time for change and would like to invite nominations as to who would want to take charge henceforth. Please visit this link (link to: to either nominate yourself or someone whom you think would be ideal to be the BUF admin. Admins can be chosen only from the existing set of members. As soon as we have enough feedback, we would be ready to make the switch.

We hope that you will be proactive in this regards.


BUF Team.

PS: This has to be finalised before the next update due on 4th August. Present Admin Team will be working till the 4th. New Admin Team needs to be briefed and ready to take up charge before that. Thanks.


  1. I already offered once on orkut, and m sure not many wud like it coz u r way too easy on lot of things which i m not and its so very unfortunate to see that the actual concept of BUF has completely collapsed, now its more or less, keep everyone happy like it or not....If everyone simply realise the basics on which this page was formed, u wont need any support staff and things will move better than ever..think abt it and if u think i hv atleast 1% sense left in me then i'll be more than glad to elaborate on what i m actually feeling abt the whole thing and m absolutely sure that it wud lessen ur burden as well.
    Have a nice weekend....

  2. i tried leaving a comment on the link, but it wasn't appearing?! :(

  3. @ Rajbir: "I already offered once on orkut, and m sure not many wud like it coz u r way too easy on lot of things which i m not..."

    U seem to have realized it's all about balancing it out... in one breath u have a lot to offer and in the other u worry about not being accepted. Welcome to my predicament...

    And I have more to say on the rest of what u have had to say coz like u I speak my mind...

    This post is not to get a vote of confidence on whether BUF is a success or failure...

    What BUF is for and the basic idea behind it was always clearly stated! If some have not understood ... the problem lies more in them!

    The need for support staff and the question of people being responsible and able to self sustain the blog is highly debatable...

    Personally,I do not think any group venture will self sustain without monitoring ...

    In fairness to all, this is "everyone's' blog... so take up the responsibility it of the blog or of yourselves...!

    Thanks u for sharing your thoughts's a start in getting people to voice theirs...

    @ mich.. ur comment made it in the feedback form.. thanks :)

    happy nominating ppl :)

  4. Ummm.... am not sure about the nominating part... but yeah... at BUF's service for sure....

  5. ishi, not done!!!!!! you can not walk out of your house handing over your keys to some weirdo who acts like an anti social element.

    if you have to leave then just shut off the blog otherwise go back to the rules and do some housekeeping. its high time that some ppl learn to follow rules. it is either your OUR way or no way. get lost otherwise ppl.

  6. @suchi..
    ** get lost otherwise ppl.

    its very easy to tell people to get lost wen u urself not around n be here to take the brunt right?

  7. she takes the brunt from me...its a chain reaction i guess :)...

    and thanks suchi but this is a fair enough solution we're working on...i know u're only standing up for me in the way u feel right... :)

    uttsy baby... thoda bahot toh sab hi personal honge na...ab the focus is on keeping BUF moving... it's not abt me, or individuals anymore na...

    thanks both ... did u pick ur nominations?...:)

    m saving my pick for the end :)

  8. A new admin team? All right then Best of luck to them because I know what it's been like living with one member and co founder of this blog.

    It's been her passion, her obsession and everything that is today is a lot about her.

    I don't get here as often as she would wish me too but I know when I get back from work and see her smiling that it was BUF that got her smiling. And when it's a long face it's something here that didn't go right...

    And to see her walk away from it all is overwhelming for me, I don't think any of you can even get close to what she might be going through.

    I think Suchi does. That's where those emotions stem from Uttara. Her reference was not to everyone in the blog but to some who have taken away the essence of the blog. You and Suchi have known her closely too - so right now understand her and keep this impersonal. If it has to get personal, then feel for her and how much this means to her.

    John you left way back buddy but you were there to help Ishi through it all. She places a lot of faith in you.

    What sometimes matters more than giving her advise and telling her how to go about things, is to simply say'll be alright and just be there for her.

    In a lot of ways I am glad she's finally decided to pass on this responsibility to whoevers willing to take it if you all really want to HELP HER then take it up in the right spirit.

    Without questions, controversies...

    And least of all telling her that it's easier for you to choose to walk away from the blog. She's worked hard for this place people - just don't let her down!!

    @ Ishi - enough now move on and come back to us - there are many reasons to smile here baby :)