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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mr. Right - Perfect Lover - The One ;-) (Ishita)

I'd done the "Perfect Lover' tag way back. It was my first tag ever here in blogs. So I'm going to simply *copy-paste* the tag. No not much has changed since in my *expectations* of a Mr. Right.

Some are quick to point out that I don't qualify for this tag *ahem* :D but then we're talking "Mr. RIGHT" and so yes the Perfect Guy righttt ? :P Well then that's pretty much like asking for the impossible and such a guy can exist ... in our imagination and I guess live there forever :D

Having stated that :P .... lets move on to the tag and my ideas of who'd make my "Mr. Right" (and maybe this will get R back on comment on this ofcourse)

"I've said often enough ….in the real world u write one thing & u live another!! So here goes nuthin!

1...My perfect lover has to be incredibly (and innovatively) ROMANTIC … umm not just in a veryyyy emotionally way…I’m hinting at PASSIONATE here okkk!

2...He has to luvv food…to eat…to cook!! Someone who wouldn’t mind experimenting with world cuisine coz I’m quite a foodie myself…

3...I like guys who are sure of themselves…they know what they want, how they want…when they want…BUT I like a guy BETTER when they can guess what’s on my mind?!;)…and take care of what I want, how I want…and when I want!! (And puhleez u single minded ppl there this applies to everything in life!)

4...My perfect lover shud luvv to shop / bargain…for me…! No no lemme rephrase that he shud luvv to take me shopping…I’m one confused shopper so I guess the thing I’m getting at here is a guy who is PATIENT…and CARING …and man enough to show it!

5...Hmmmm….he shud share in the housework! And in raising kids! :-) … A RESPONSIBLE guy!

6...I like a guy who can let me be who I am…a guy who can grow with me…coz I sincerely believe relationships keep evolving…ppl keep changing…nothing is constant and forever and u gotta make it work…click…all the time. There’s no place for complacency…and taking things for granted…I luvv my individual space and he shud value and trust me enough to give me my own space :) as I wld give him his…

7...Okkk…now this one is what I call my action – reaction point. I am someone who when in luvv is completely in luvvv! Sooo I expect the same…from my lover…luvv me…just me…and have eyes for NO ONE else!!! :D

8...I like a guy who can make me smile…a guy who can make good conversation…I like a guy even more when I can share my silence with him…So a cool sense of humor (*smile), intelligence (*conversation*) and understanding (*silence*) is what I look for… "

Okk now the original tag had 8 points and I covered whatever I expected in those 8 nothing more to add...

Ps: Please don't ask me how many points R matches :P ;-) & I 'll be back to do the second topic too! :)


  1. well. ishi, you list reminds of a conversation i had with sometime back with someone..... and it's the same list.. she had more... lol... and now wipe dat knwoing grin of your face... coz i knw wot u r thinking!! and you are right..... :)

  2. I was preparing myself to ask you how many of your points 'R' matches...and then I read the last line in your post!
    Spoilsport!! :p

  3. Ish u said everything I wanted to say! told ya na that we both think so ALIKE lol!

    **I am someone who when in luvv is completely in luvvv!

    yes! I wonder if I can find such a guy anyways :(

    btw my last BF was good at shopping with me...he was quiet, patient and enjoyed while I did all my shopping...thats a rare..I agree :)

    Nice list here Ish. Im sure Rajeev is all this n more hehe.


  4. and u dont like the awww-lolzzz-hugggz-muazzz types? ;)

  5. @ sarad ... is it? :) and thanks fr droppin by!

  6. @ sam :)... *ahem* she had more huh? welll... and do u match that list??? :P *grin*

  7. @ roy:) ... he he i know that's a question R himself had and lemme tell u if u're really curious u shud take a luk at this tag in my blog...coz R has left a comment there :P :D :D

  8. @ kesh:).. good to c u back :).. hope u're all well now? :)...

    did i say it all!? :P but u'll still have to do this list na kesh .. m sure u can add to it :)

    and do such guys exist...aah well, guess they do but more like a temp phase :P... they don last sadly..

    ahaa... like i told roy in my reply to his comment... R has left a comment on this the post in my blog :D

    tk care...stay happy!

  9. @ jitendra... u shud know me better now right? :)... aise ladke hote hai kya @ awwww-lolzzz-hugggz-muazzz types? i thot they're called *sissy's* :P :D

    ummm..on second thots... just the *muuahhzz* is fine by me :P

  10. Okay there was this episode, in some sitcom, where they say that inevitably the man that fits a womans list, is either taken or gay!

    But on a serious note, i think its not about precisely fitting the bill. Its more of what one makes out of it, for love no matter how complicated it sounds, turns out to be pretty simple. Its more in a smile that passes through the eyes, a hand that holds your food while you are busy cleaning the mess the child made, its in little gestures that make life.

    Hai na Ishi?

  11. yaar.. aapka list is soo simple yet classy :D

    and as far as i knw R fits into most of them as i have seen it thru my naked eyes :p

    and i knwo how much u r food freak.. hehe just like me :D :D :D
    and u loveee cooking also na


    **I expect the same…from my lover…luvv me…just me…and have eyes for NO ONE else!!! :D

    ya ya woh to karenge hi and karte hai :)

    **...I like a guy who can make me smile…
    ya ya smmile al the way.. haan ab ups n downs sab ke life main hota hai.. but the bottom line is more of give n take relation na baby??

    long live u 2 :)

  12. *****I like a guy who can let me be who I am…a guy who can grow with me**** This is impossible !!!! Personal exp Guys will always say why dont you do this why are you like this blah blah blha ...ufff kabhi kabhi ladke Kameenapanti ki hadh par kardethe hain

    Point No 1 is a must for my Mr right ...if he is not romantic ...I BREAK UP ;)

    ****I like a guy who can make me smile**** Yes thr is some one like this ;))) and he makes me smile smile n smile

    Loved you list Simple and straight from heart :))

    Aap kaise ho? I dont know whether from week i will have access to BUF :(((

  13. @ aakash:)... :P funny..

    true enuff love is what we make of it! it's in d lil thoughtful things and d day to day lives we live and take for granted.. it's in also not setting *unrealistic* expectations but in valuing what we have..

    u cldn't have said it btr :)...thnx!

  14. @ uttara:)... ty @ simple yet classy :)

    does he now? *ahem* waiting for him to react to this post...if he ever does!! :P

    very funny haan @ "u loveee cooking" :D

    ** karte hai kya ?? :P

    ** give n take...yeah..right :)

    ty baby:) *huggzz backk!*

  15. @ poo:) ... right then hai na list abt *Mr Right* and do such guys ever exist anyway :)

    and change is constant...ppl need to grow together...more often they grow apart... *pity*

    ahaa..romantic...yaha bhi na sabke perceptions alag alag hote hai na :)... kuch chotti cheezon se khush ho jaate hai...some expect more...*sigh*

    glad u have that special someone who makes u smile....:)...hope that works our for u :)

    glad u liked the list...and yes it was direct dil se :P

    main fit and fine hoon...ab dekho I will send u mails abt the topic chngs ... jab likhne ka time mile aur mann kare...send me a mail, I'll post it in ur name :)

    tk care...:)

  16. 7...Okkk…now this one is what I call my action – reaction point. I am someone who when in luvv is completely in luvvv! Sooo I expect the same…from my lover…luvv me…just me…and have eyes for NO ONE else!!! :D ****How boring!!!! :P, Now u see why i appreciate Rajeev's patience so much...:P

  17. Im much better today Ish, tnxx! Still coughing a bit tho. But I'll be fine.

    ok I'll check Rajeev's ans in ur blog :)