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Friday, July 20, 2007

Not So Virtual (Michelle)

As Sam pointed out in his post, the word 'virtual' never really held much importance while conversing with anyone I haven't met or heard.It was always the connection that mattered.You may or may not connect with certain people depending or various likes or dislikes.

I never drew a line between someone I knew virtually or someone I knew in person because the only thing that separated the two was the physical form.

There are quite a few people whom I have confided in deeply, more than I have let out to my closest of friends.Some might say its easier to confess something when its not face to face, but I think it always comes down to how you click with a person.

I find it very weird when I term someone I know through blogs as a 'blog friend' or someone I have only chatted with as a 'chat friend'.We converse, share views and opinions but somewhere along the line, you do end up having feelings for the other person.You do feel for the person when he or she is sad and you do smile when he or she is happy.Sometime or the other, the person does affect you knowingly or unknowingly.

I truly appreciate many of my old friends Vipul, Loon Gal, Rohan, Keshi, Khayarti, Tanvi and Zoonie that have always looked out for me and showed great concern when I wasn't around(including sending me threatening mails demanding an explanation).I appreciate the level of comfort everyone has created over here that really makes you feel like home.

Even though I have only met one friend
in person, I do not feel the need to term anyone I haven't met till date as virtual.Your my friend, not a virtual friend, not a blog friend, but my friend.


  1. A Friend is a friend....well said...!!

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  3. Such an honest post straight from the heart Michi. Luv ya HUGGGGGGGGZ!

    **I never drew a line between someone I knew virtually or someone I knew in person because the only thing that separated the two was the physical form.

    So true! And thats exactly wut I said in my post...if 2 ppl r connected on a mental level, nothing else virtual world or real world.


  4. this post left me smiling.. :)

    and yes a friend is a friend...that statement is so much like what i'd say !!

  5. "But I'll be there for you... when the rain starts to fall...".. well... dats teh mantra dat we follow, don't we?? So,, true michelle... a friend is a friend... no matter how you made them and all that jazz!! :)

  6. ha mich

    well ya it becomes odd...sometimes calling ppl blog friends...but if u ask me everyone is a friend and y brand them?

  7. keshi,

    thanks keshi luv ya too :) yes, the connection and the way people click matters the most


    i'm glad u think so ishi! :D


    very true :)


    nope definitely dont see the need to brand them :)