This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Friday, July 27, 2007

Thank you... - Ishita

Too late for apologies... too late for realization.

Not for me...

For you - I don't want to take your names because it ruins the taste of my mouth.

I am breaking the one rule I sought to implement the other night when this whole thing blew up on my face. I am making this very personal.

If anyone has a right to be personal about BUF - it's me!

You all walked in and out of BUF today sensing there was a problem but u chose to ignore it.

God bless this blog...

and you all.

I didn't start this place to be trashed... Not just the ambience of BUF but me personally too.

I've heard enough today to last me a lifetime. I won't anymore.

Its very personal - yes - it doesn't get more personal than this!

Make your nominations in all earnestness and keep this place going.

I will be honest and very blunt. I don't see it surviving ...

You two did a brilliant job of making me realize I don't need to take shit (the second rule broken) and that's one thing I'll give you credit for.

Besides that you two can also have all the *explicit* words you hold so dear and true!


For all those who've seen better times, I hope you will see more here. I've met and befriended some wonderful people here. And I am hoping these relationships will sustain beyond BUF.

Don't sit and analyse my decisions. Why I chose to let some people get the better of me. Simply understand that I am human and I never made any claims to being an insensitive person.

I am very sensitive.

High time a very public blog like BUF had admins with better people skills.

It was truly FUN while it lasted... for me!

And for that I am thankful to you...


Please let me know who's been chosen to take care of admin. I will grant them admin access.

Till such time I guess every BUFer is responsible for the blog.