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Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Mr. Right is really REAL!!!(Shooting Star)

Hmm…..10 things about Mr./Ms. Right…. I have long ago chucked such a list.. but during my teenage years I did have a list and was hell bent on sticking to it…...and this is how it went….

1. My man should be tall …(atleast 6 ft.)
2. He should have a GOOD Physique…(and I mean GOOD physique)
3. He should be extremely intelligent (at least an IQ of 150)
4. He should have greek god looks..!!!!!
5. He should have blond hair
6. He should have a attitude such that people around him get nervous and shaky!!!
7. He should have an awesome jawline!!!
8. He should be extremely well qualified..should be an engineer or neurosurgeon.
9. He should be be famous
10. He should be an expert in martial arts and boxing

I used to have such fantasies about my dream man..where will I meet him…and used to talk to my friends about him…he was so real for me… day….
I was sitting in front of TV and watching this movie(actually I had started watching the movie after some time it had begun)….a song comes on…and through the haze in the boxing ring ..rises my dream man!!!!!!! Like a lone star he stands head and shoulders above others……………oh my gosh!!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes……………

he was DRAGO!!!!…the Russian boxer (for benefit of all people..i was watching Rocky 4)
The incredible drago..the handsome Ivan drago…the tall drago….ohh…!!!! no one can imagine my ecstacy!!!

I dug up everything on Drago…and found out he is indeed my Mr. Right….

Actually his name is dolph lundgren, he is 6 feet 4' tall and he is a incredible actor besides being a graduate of the Royal Institute of Technology. He has a master's degree in chemical engineering from the University of Sydney , and was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology , but quit after to pursue acting. He speaks five languages: Swedish, English, some German, some Japanese and some French. Lundgren holds a 3rd Dan (3rd Degree Black Belt) in Kyokushin Karate and won the European championships in 1980 and 1981 as well as a heavyweight tournament in Australia in 1982 . He was also captain of the Swedish Kyokushin Karate team, and was a formidable challenger at the 1979 World Open Tournament (arranged by the Kyokushin Karate Organization) when he was only a green belt.

So u see dream is too high..only thing is..u gotta believe in the power of your dreams!!!!

P.S. By now all of you must have got that I am in one of those completely hilarious funny crazy moods of mine!!!!!!


  1. I remember him from his villanous role in Universal Soldier.

    And congratulations on finding your dream man! :p

  2. Correction sush....It was Ivan Drago...:P, u r right it was indeed a superb scene when they show him standing in the middle of the ring not so very amused by the american show-off...

    6. He should have a attitude such that people around him get nervous and shaky!!!***ahem ahem...:D

    Loved ur list...:)

  3. lolz so now it's him? Sweet post Sushmita!

    **3. He should be extremely intelligent (at least an IQ of 150

    yeah when I was a teen I used to think this way too. Thank God it's not like that anymore! Or else I'd end up with a mad scientist.


  4. @southpaw..took note of your comments and edited it.... i always call him draco though

    @keshi..mad think no mad scientist in this wolrd can be a martial arts expert and have a good physique... yeah teenage years...we all have some real good lists about a lot of things!!!!!

  5. him dragaaa(typically russian way) ...:P

  6. Hi,there...coming here via a link on Keshi's blog..nice topics on this community.Clap clap at finding the 'ideal man'.:)I Grinned out loud at seeing the last line on 'one of those hilarious funny crazy moods of mine'.Will be back to read more posts.Hope to join in one of these days.(

  7. oye sush, mereko ek aisa bodyguard chahiye plzzzzzzzzz...agar bodyguard mein itna kuch hoga toh log samjhaenge mere mein usse bhi jyada hain :P

  8. Hey... that's dis fellas background??? :o... like wow!!!! sush.... u really got an enviable mr. right.... am not gonna show this post to certain ppl... ;)
    aur wacko.. kuch bhi kya!! :D

  9. @sam..wat i have written is a just a brief..there is lots more..if ur interested ..i can give you his detailed CV..hehe ;)

  10. @wacko...he's not a bodyguard..... and anyways u need a female body guard....hehe.....tere liye laila ali (daughter of Muhammed Ali) recommend karti hun..tera acceh se khyal rakhegi....

  11. @southpaw...
    6. He should have a attitude such that people around him get nervous and shaky!!!***ahem ahem...:D
    just imagine his persona+my attitude..deadly combo heeee!!!...socho humare bacccho mai kitna kut kut ke attitude bhara hoga..:D

  12. O-tera bhala ho jaye..
    madam jee..
    kamaal hai
    when u find someone who can help you get the dream one..
    please pass me the contact of the Alladin chirag

  13. well i really liked when this guy was beaten up in rockIV, but for sush sake iam parting away with those feelings,so sush incase any help required to get this guy just let me know.