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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Virtualgirl Part III (Uttara)

Virtual to real - part III ... :)


Rajiv bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ( एकदम filmy ishtyle - dharmendra ishtyle) gosh इनकी तोह अंदाज़ ही कुछ अलग hai.. :D इनकी डांट खाने से मुझे दर लगता है i still remember the 1st day of our meet. We met in the train and i was completely hyper to find which compartment they were talking about..hehehe then the whole eve was wonderful the new year eve was awesome... just me ishi n rajiv .. i have neva had a quite new year eve .. we called keshi and spoke then Preet ( another blogger) met us for dinner ..later we head to mala's place.. क्या रात थी .. एकदम धमाकेदार...

Just b4 i left Mumbai for my Delhi trip ( a day before) i got a call " मैंने सुना आप दिल्ली आ
रहे ho and where are u gonna put up? i said, "Ya i'm coming and gonna be put up in a hotel."॥ then एकदम कड़क आवाज़ में "मैं कुछ नहीं सुनना चाहता, tell ur folks you will be staying here at our place with ishi n rajiv also give them them all the nos and the address। If you even think of staying somewhere else फिर तोह देख लेना ..".. hehehhe I was left with no choice .. so said alright :). I had majour fun staying there .Ishi and Rajiv dint allow me to even feel home sick( not allowed था! ) Luckily my office was 5 blocks away from his so we used to travel saath saath main.. HMMMM woh din hai aur aaj ka din i miss it sooo much ... :) You should hear him talking ( guys he is not a phone person .. conversations करनी है तोह आमने सामने करो :P) he will talk for hours (if you have built that rapport and if he has a comfort level)... :) He is the last person to ask for favours, he will neva ask any favour for himself it will be for others ONLY so if he does it then the person is way toooo lucky .. hai na Ishi?

He is tooo good at singing .. ahem mera time pass travel करते time में सोचो क्या था?:P He is way too caring and a lovely person .. When me and Ishi were going to Mussooorie i still rem his conversation with ishi's mama who was making all the arrangements for our stay in Mussoorie, he said..." मामा Ishi आपकी बेटी है और उसकी friend मेरी छोटी बेहेन जैसी तोह आप दोनो का पूरा ख़्याल रखना" I was sitting next to him in the car and giggling away to glory... gosh i am still laughing over it now:D... Then i know how i made him go tired when we went for shoe shopping.. lol he has loadsss of patience i must say :P.. Ishi dint come as she was doing the packing stuff back at home..

The best part is he will eat the tasty yummy food n say " Ishi यार तुमने बहोत खिला दिया, अब मेरा पेट दुःख रहा है " it used to be sooo funny we used to go laughing over it..

And now my mom is his fan she will ask me almost everyday how is Rajiv.. and she will immitate their conversation which they had when i was in Delhi .. heheh

Bhai now its ur turn to come to Mumbai :D *GRINS*

Thank you for everything.. गलती हो गयी तोह माफ़ कर देना .. ( I know u are hurt with few of my acts but ho sake तोह माफ़ करो .. pls understand :) ...) Very few people who m i have kept close to my heart u are one of them ..

thank u bhaiya :)


The most bubbly n chubbly :p.. lol... I was waiiting to meet her cos she has lots of energy level in her and she keep people alive with her charm and caring nature.. she is over caring and very possesive with people close to her.. and those who mess around.. don't ask me the consequence..:P

I had one of the most wonderful time with her here in mumbai and Delhi .. We we
nt out for movies and went dancing sitting on the ishi me and Suchi used to start shaking our body sitting on the seat on this particular song " Jhoom barabar jhoom barabar.. " heheh yes that song is our song.. At the end of the movie people sitting in front actually looked behind to see who are these 3 namoonas..heheh ad the other as well.. I hope Rajiv wasn't embarassed with it :D.. i missed being there for her party :( She is someone who will give life to her near n dear ones.. and will fight for them no matter what. She is very straight forward and beautiful person. She can go overboard when it comes to caring someone.

HUGGZ sweets long way to go :)

Thank u sweety :)


she is love
ly charming and veryy sweet ..:) she can talk on n on just like US :D..hehhe and she is way too conscious about herself what she eats how she eats n all..:P.. We had fun on BUF'er meet day.. lot of food ice creams n conversationg to follow :D

I stil gotto know her further to give an elaborate comment here :)but overall she is a lovely person n beautiful in and out :) and would love to know her more...

thank u lady! :)

Vyom :

Guy who will endlessly smile.. and talk and make you feel comfortable and caring.. He made sure i ate ate and ate.. he loveeesssss ice creams :d... and a guy full of energy and enthu .. again i gotto know him further to give my indepth comment :)

Gotto know u more buddy

Thanx :)


  1. Neeche se shuru karta hu......

    Vyom aka Aakash
    I liked him when i spoke to him that day when u all were together, sounded very friendly and after i hung up i guess u all must hv read what i texted on ishita's mobile...:)

    Bahut deeno ke baad koi barabar ki baatein karne wali mili....i cant describe how much fun we hv everynight, me, sush and lil bro anshuman...its pure masti and bindaas baatein...:) Also that day when i spoke to her though it was aformal chat i loved talking to her, she goes in my list of most fav voices alongwith kay, sangi, sophia and mala...:)

    Suchi aka Tushar Kapur
    Yeah i fondly call her Tushar Kapur coz of her disappearing acts...:) She is someone who is not aware of her own magnificent capabilities, par mai bhi haar nai manunga, suna sunake use pagal kar dunga aur ek deen use apni khubiyo ka ehsaas karvaunga...:)

    Last but not the last by any means...I hv lot of respect for the man and the way he lives his life and the way he conducts. Its absolutely commendable to maintain such high level of patience and maintain the smile on his face and also on ppl ard him. That is one thing which i always try to learn from whatever i get to know abt him from ishita and uttuswamy...

    This part is literally full of amazing ppl...:) I loved this.

  2. Alright then, I hardly know anyone in that list except for Sush.. and she's a great gal!! and def a chatterbox.. dats wot i have gathered from my chats wid her... :)
    as for teh rest gimme some time!!
    overall.. thnx to uttara, am getting to know all!! :)

  3. Rajbir..

    oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee itna lamba comment?? *uttara faintzzzzzzzz*

    wakes up hosh main aati hai n reads the yaar since the time i have known u this is the second time u have writen such a longgg comment first was @ keshi'd blog thenu post the same as a post in ur old blog..:P

    sahiiiiiiiiiiiiiii dhanya ho gayi main...:P

    **sounded very friendly and after i hung up i guess u all must hv read what i texted on ishita's mobile...:)
    yes he is friendly n we all read that mesg :) lovely mesg :) thank u :D

    **how much fun we hv everynight, me, sush and lil bro anshuman...its pure masti and bindaas baatein...:
    very rarely u like to be on confy and am sooo glad u like to be in confy :D..

    and yes i will catch up sometime u know i cant these days :p

    **Yeah i fondly call her Tushar Kapur coz of her disappearing acts...:)

    yes she is Ms gayab indeed... lol..

    **suna sunake use pagal kar dunga aur ek deen use apni khubiyo ka ehsaas karvaunga...:)

    BTW did u know she wont give an ear to anyone except for u n rajiv ??


    **I hv lot of respect for the man and the way he lives his life and the way he conducts.
    he is much more than this raj he is a thorough Gentleman and very sensitive person.. with his head above his shoulders.. i love his approach towards anything ..:)

  4. hmmmm aab mein kya kahoon :) :)

    Rajiv ...i dont know about him much kyonki kabhi chance hi nahi mila baat karne keliye.

    But i know one thing for sure He lovessssss Old Monk Rum :))

    Suchi...Yes she is so sweet ...we evem chat on Orkut sometimes :)) A very warm person indeed :))

    Sushimita...aapko bhi jana hai :)) But she has beautiful eyes must say this .

    Vyomji :) :)

    hmmmm Gollu Gollu hai...badi pyaari smile hai ...dimpleeee wali simle hai...And the way he writes poems is just Awesome :)) ShoutBox mein tho bahut masti karte hai yeh 3no (Aakash, Abhi-SHAKE, Sam):))

    TC Guys ,,,,would love to know you all more n more n more

    Yeh Dil mange More :))

    Good Night:)

  5. the one on rajiv made me smile hardcore...he seems like a really fun, i really wanna meet u people and taste ishi's cooking ;) talk to vyom from time to time he is a very sweet guy :)

  6. @southpaw...yeah bhai we have awesome chats...i just dig them..especially wacko ki jab hum dono mil ke le lete hai.. :D

    @uttsy gal....thanks!!!! i would really like to chat up more with ya!!! and know more!!!

  7. :))) ... this was a fun read esp. for me. I mean here I was reading about R and giggling away. It's interesting to see sumone else's perspective of this guy huh :P

    He's kinda speechless himself as u know from his conversation with u a short while ago :)) ... i don think anyone's written abt him like this *not counting me ofcourse*

    I told him to leave a comment and he said nahi i will call her but please put it in writing that "I am touched and happy" :)

    Also rajbir's comment had him very pleasantly surprised :).. thanks raj!:) ... u guys truly made his day!

    suchi ko bataungi to get here too...:)

    and yes meeting sush and vyom was really fun and they're both wunderful ppl...they met up richa wen she was here last wkend and that too was a fun get that I sadly missed :(

    Thanks uttsy baby for the beautiful words and u do know na... that u're not just lucky *as everyone keeps saying* u have met and known's coz u're the person u are... special and true :)

  8. ahem ahem
    heyy i got my name here! *grins*
    all thnks to bhai! m fascinated by this gem of a person...suddenly he's become this role model for me!
    i am learnin a lot frm him...:)

    ss toh fhuljhadi hain :P
    u rock babe \m/ \m/

    wen aakash aka vyom came to calcutta, he called me! i never expected him to do dat..i mean just a few days of BUFering and wen i toked to him, it seemed as if I knew him since ages..all thnks to BUF..m so sorry ya..cudnt hang out with ya dat time for sure.

    m totally speechless..tis unbelievable uve got such lovely friends and dat u knw everybody so closely dat they more or less have become an integral part of ur life now, considerin the fact dat u met all f em virtually for the first! I so wish i were among those who hv knwn u :)

    condemn thou who shalt say that relationships are virtual.

  9. haha very cute post!

    Rajeev does look like Dhramendra ha...very handsome n all. Uttsy my dad used to adore Amitabh and Dharmendra...he was a big fan of em :)

    Im sure Ish and Rajeev wud hv taken very good care of u when u were in Delhi. NO DOUBTS there! I saw all the trip n fun pics. U guys r lucky to have met like that.

    And u met sweet Suchi too How lucky indeed!

    And ofcourse beautiful Sushmita! No wonder she looks so good..I mean watching what she eats n all. If she ever meets me, she'd get a shock watching me eat LOL! Im a greedy girl :)

    I hv never known Vyom b4 but he sure sounds like a very nice guy...especially when u said he SMILES alot. How sweet.

    Great post Uttsy and a truly wonderful dedication to ur dearest friends!


  10. @Sush
    Hahaha, yeah its so much fun pulling his legs and then make him understand things in a hard way...:)

    heyy i got my name here! *grins*
    all thnks to bhai!**** Nope, u r one of the best out of so many youngsters i hv interacted so far, they all disappoint me with their stupid acts and over confidence and like me and sush told u the other nite, we r confident that one day u'll do good...:)

    condemn thou who shalt say that relationships are virtual.****ABSOLUTELY...

  11. When i read about myself, i had to double check that i was reading about myself. Uttara makes me sound so different!

    The company was so wonderful that smiles kept coming by themselves. Ishi, Uttara, Suchi, Sush had such fantastic conversations. Rajiv and I totally enjoyed listening.

    And Rajiv is an awesome fellow! we both love to eat, and double entendres come so easily our way! So we had great fun!!!

    And seeing Ishi and rajiv together with Vedant, makes me believe a bit more in the family system. They are such a (i hate using this word) 'sweet' family!

    Abhi ek clarification: I dont like Ice-creams (only bitter ones if any). Bought them to geth the women going, they had decided not to eat icecreams, even though they all wanted to. And once i started the trend, the deluge followed!

    So three cheers!!! Hip Hip Hurray!

  12. ek clarification here too! Aakash u r VYOM? OMG I didnt know. Cos Uttsy didnt mention ur name there. :)

    U r bloody cute too!! Look at that smile OMG! Im so glad I got to see u finally tnxx to Uttsy. So darn sweet :):)

    So here's a slight correction to my first comment:

    I hv never known Vyom b4 but I do know Aakash. He is a very nice guy...especially when he takes extra effort to make ppl feel good and say some of the nicest things ever. How sweet ha!


  13. utsy.. these are very beautiful posts... im so touched... just spoke to darshik and the first thing he said was 'go check what uttara has written about u'... :))))

    i remember the first time we met... we literally got the whole place down... do u remember dominoes? :p

    knowing u has been a lovely experience.. and the best part is u know my thoughts without my saying things.. thats where lies ur real strength... i like it when u just call me and say.. lets meet up.. im at andheri... it shows how much u care for me.. as i said im really touched... n yeah the pic u put up is lovely... one of my favourite... i remember this was the first time we met mala... n it was so much fun :)... this reminds me... i have to go chk her pics...

    bbye n thanx n hugs... lets meet up soon.. its been like ages!!!