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Monday, July 30, 2007

The best gift you've ever recieved (Mala)

Helloooooooooooooo boys and girls! How have we been? (not bouncy as I can see from previous few posts, but hey….xoxoxoxox to all – there, go ahead, spread some smile!)

Now on with the current topic: The best gift you’ve ever received.

This will be really short; for the best gift I have ever received is not a tangible thing. It’s a feeling I will continue to cherish for the rest of my life, and yet I can not reveal its nature on a public platform.

All I can say is that after having coped with the lowest ebb; after having been shattered and embarrassed and lost and hurt and angered…15 minutes on June 25, 2007 has changed my life forever. And I’m happier and more secure than ever.

A handful of people might know what I’m referring to. It's the reason I've been away :-)

Peace out!

Sorry if most of you don’t approve of the cryptic nature of this post; but hey some things are better left unexplained ;-)

For those of you who wish to top this gift, please think Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut chocolates ;-) Bigger, the better….hehehhee….yeah, you heard it right…No Lindt, no Godiva…it’s desi chocolate :-)


  1. the beauty of the post lies in the sheer feeling of pure joy and happiness that comes through...

    wunderful to see you here mala and wishing that this happiness lasts you a lifetime:)

    stay beautiful :) ...

  2. malaaaaaaaaaaaa..

    ho kaha aap? :P

    **A handful of people might know what I’m referring to.

    umm kya hua bhai??? bolo bolo.. hum sabko sunna hai..:P

    aisa kya bhookump aya ya dharti fat gayi 25th June ko??

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tell us ..:P :P :P

  3. ps: u got another desi chocolate luverrr here in my beta... puki master :D ... !

  4. Spread joy, share the magic, and the good life between us friends. :)

  5. heee! thankyou Ishu.....and Dairy Milk is heavenlyyyyy...ummmm ahhh...ooohhh...hehe....

    utsyyyyyyy spygiri matt karooooooo

    akashhh aaaja nachleeee

  6. Oye kudiye.. chal sadde vaaste kal hi ek bada sa chocolate da hamper courier karvate hai!! kya kehti hai?? :)
    waise my fav is Bournville!! :)

  7. i think i know what might be causing the happiness :P and dairy milk is my comfort chocolate!! :D

  8. some things are better left unexplained ;-)***

    quite true..i tink i have a hint of what u wanna tell..nice to see a post in sucha wonderful and jolly mood..makes me feel goood


  9. **15 minutes on June 25, 2007 has changed my life forever

    Im glad that change came to ya on my bday Mala :)


  10. hey mala... never knew u loved desi chocos... hmmmmmm i just had a 5*... yummmm

    now tell me how many dairy milks have been offered to u??? maybe i can make u share some of em with me... after all aint i ur sweet friend? :p

    n congrats once again.. dont know abt the 25th.. but i do know wat happened a few days later... :)

  11. Sam: I used to love Bournvita also, as a kid :)

    Michelle: :)))))

    Wacko: glad the post made you feel good :)

    keshi: haha, ironically, it was also the saddest day of my life :) but all's well that ends well.

    messy: nobody offers me chocolates :( I buy for myself

  12. Sacrilege!!
    Mala.. you mistook bournville, the only dark chocolate from Cadbury's for Bournvita!! koi gal nahi... chalta hai.. :)
    though frankly speaking.. i too loved bournvita... :D
    but then mom stopped it altogether... :(
    cause... "ami to emni emni khai!!" lol...... :D

  13. Bournville! Never even heard of it.

    emni emni khete khoob mauja...especially horlicks

  14. never heard of it??????? :o
    ok.. go to teh shop... nad check out a cadbury's packet in complete red.. it's packing is a bit different from say dairy milk and all... but yeah, try it out if u like dark chocolates!!

    aar emni emni khaoar pore jokhon maa'r kachhe kaan mola ta khaoa hoy tokhon??? :P

  15. Hanjiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!


    tumhare padosi jo yaha powai mein rehte hai.....

    unhe pata hai kya??


    congrats girl!!

  16. awww :*( I hope ur ok Mala.


  17. Mala my sweet little girl.....ha ha ha.... that surely is your best gift ever!! take care of it and yourself.....

    boxes of that desi choc 4 u babe :)