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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mr Right(Puja)

‘Mr Right’ is explained as an image of perfection --- Looks, thoughts, behavior, personal history, character, and everything else that completes the whole package called Mr Right or He is my Man etc .No body is perfect for sure. But the qualities what I want my man to have is. Ok here it goes.

””Satisfaction”” a must. (Can be anything and everything). I prefer a guy who'll pamper me loads, gifts (accha chalo occasionally baba ...once in a while baba !!! uff ladke bhi na ek baar gift de kar phir kabhi nahi dete !!! plssss Bhagwanji accha mr Right dena mujhe) affectionate, a massage, (huh!!!! Kab mere sapne pure honge- Full body massage chahiye. Aur Mr right se hi chahiye ) he must be a good cook(Hopefully ok m I asking for too much). He must sing songs for me, he should dance with me. Must say I am very beautiful (even when I look like a devil). He must be very passionate and expressive. He must love me so much that i go crazy. He must know how to Kiss. Must have the urge to try out new things can be anything ;-) And when I am with him…. He dare not tell me about other girls looks and figure what ever nahi tho mardungi usko I am very jealous!!!

Ok men are like fine wine they definitely get better with age. They don’t play-play around nymore. They are more serious and straight forward. I'm NOT attracted to guys who are "a bit older" Ok. Just that he must be a mature+yet+a+fun+loving+person. A great sense of humour. Ok I know I know maturity time ke saath pata chaltha hai but still he has to matured. His maturity will even show when he talks, The way he EATS. (uff Few guys eat like OMG) I mean manners. He should be mature and must understand me. …Ok I will understand him too.

Love doesn't come cheap, but it doesn't have to be shown in all the expensive ways. Ok to be frank he must be stable and secure financially. Of course, we all dream of living well, but it's a mistake to mix your expectations of love with your hopes for a first-class lifestyle. Don’t you guys agree.!!! I am not saying that when my Mr right will cross my path, I will recognize him with the size of his wallet. Not like that …but definitely he must be secured enough to take care of my basic needs. In short ….”Shortage na ho money ka” Bacchon ke liye bhi kuch sochna padtha hai na. And I love Kids so he must be ready for atleast 3 kids 2 mine and 1 adopted. (When I will marry I will make sure he signs a bond paper that I can adopt a babee…you never know Guys can change there mind anytime). Don’t ask me why do I want to adopt one kid. So he better be ready for this.

I just hate men who are smelly and untidy. Accha aab tell me U may not judge a book entirely by its cover na, but you definitely like the cute ones. So like that, Cute, handsome who can really turn heads. He should be Rough from outside but soft from inside ok I am impressed by looks, and will definitely set my standards high when it comes to physical appearance. He must be a person beautiful from both inside and out. But now a days thr are very few guys who are really genuine. (Bhagwanji ne acche ladko ka production band kardiya) hehehehhehe

Ok I think I will stop here now. My list is a never ending one.

According to me (No offence here to anybody) there is NO Mr. Right (or Ms. Right). But who truly think that they have got there MR/MS right they are truly blessed!!!! But I am not so blessed so I think the person whom I meet will love him truly regardless if he forgets to buy you a rose, forgets my birthday, anniversary. What truly matter is he offers his heart completely to me. None can ever be more Mr. Right than that!

Take care Guys and Have a Happy Friday and a good weekend.


  1. pooo...OMG
    u sound so ice princess types! *grins*

    body dats somethin new! :P (will start workin on dis)

    3 kids..OMG..u krazy?

    ur list rocks!!
    (definitely a lotta points to work upon now)

  2. Romance, Maturity, Lifestyle and looks and lifestyle...wah puttar wah! sab cover kar liya, best of luck...:)

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  4. Nice one Miss.Puja!

    **Ok to be frank he must be stable and secure financially

    I agree...altho Im not a woman who runs after money and materialistic pleasures, I sure dun want a man to depend on me for his entire life, or bring me someone's funeral flowers on my bday urggghhh! It's called being self-sufficient and self-dependent. If a man could be that, that means he's capable of looking after himself and thats a good sign.

    plus he better not be using mardo wala cream ROFL!


  5. Nice, very nice. You seem to have figured out all that you want. :-)

    And i love the way you mention, 'bhagwaanji'. :p

    You'll be flying away this weekend, take care Poooo. We'll miss you, and your sweet comments.


  6. wow... what a list!! but teh best part of after covering it all... is this: What truly matter is he offers his heart completely to me. None can ever be more Mr. Right than that!

    now dats a 10/10 answer!! :)

    cheers.. and may you find your perfect one soon!! cheerio!! :)

  7. wah!!
    very well documented

    wishing u luck!!