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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Right gift for best Miss - Sudeep

I simply adore Calvin & Hobbes so the best gift i have received are these 2 C&H books last December on my b'day. I won't write much on this but will leisurely take the pleasure of seeing you jealous looking at the pics below :p.

Being forced by Y & I (yeah you can consider them as cartoon characters as well like C&H :D) I might come back for Miss Right as well. It is just that 'the days are just packed' :). Take care of yourself and the blog as well.


  1. I was kinda hopin the elusive Ms. Right wld make it here first :P

    and best gift ye mujhe yaad hai :)) ... rem readin the post in ur blog!! :)

    and just fr my info... agar hoti main cartoon character toh kaunsa hoti?

    I = ???

    lol...aur Y ka bhi batana..m sure she'll be curious too :D :P

  2. and there see... old habit die hard.. got a GOLD fr ya post :)))

  3. hehe...i got saved from jealosy coz i was gorging on a packet of lays.. don't ask teh flavor.. got 3 of them with me... the RGB..:P...
    but seriously Calvin and Hobbes are really a fav of mine... and thanx to a friend, colleague and fellow blogger - GUNS, I have quite a collection!! :)

  4. I just love Calvin & Hobbes... man i can just imagine the parents dilemmma....and frustrations.....

  5. i had seen the post wen u got these gifts...cute stuff! ;D

  6. sudeep,
    i love calvin n hobbes too ;) treasure ur giftes!!

  7. Dont we all love Calvin & Hobbes!

    I am so jealous looking at your collection! But thats what you wanted anyways. :)

  8. are lucky to have friends who gift you nice gifts like that

    Am waiting for someone to be generous enough to send me free tics for THE SIMPSONS MOVIE.

    Now lets see...who steps forward :P

  9. hahhahaha calvin n hobbes .... they always bring a smile on my face :))

    @ zoonie....THE SIMPSONS MOVIE.
    Now lets see...who steps forward :P*** Arjunji i dont mind huh treating you ...kahan ho aap :)))

  10. sudeep, finally huh.....uffffff.... where have you been? missed you so much.....

    so when do we get to hear abt ur miss right???? bolo bolo jaldi bolo...

  11. hey sudeep..
    i hvnt in my entire life read about C & H...But looking at ur posts and the amount f ppl already into it, ill make sure ill buy the book tomm..:)