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Monday, July 23, 2007

A non-Virtual Relationship (Aakash, Sushmita & Richa)

I have a theory that generally there are 2 sides to a coin and 3 to a story, the left side point-of-view, the right side point-of-view and the truth. What comes next is a mere example in this theory.

Disclaimer- Being the originator of this theory, the writer deserves the right to use the labels according to his volition. Every adjective has been applied after much thought, and deliberation.

The Leftist: Shooting Star (long live the revolution, and of course the Tattoos!!! INQUILAB ZINDABAD and everything of that sort)

Last Weekend richa from Mumbai came over to Delhi….it was kind of a unplanned short visit.. richa told me about it only on Friday but we both were really keen on meeting up each other..and we thought we could have a small BUF meet…unfortunately ishita, rajiv and suchi couldn’t make it as they had some prior commitments (we missed your presence guys!!) … but two people from delhi.. aakash(vyom) & me(shooting star) met up richa from Mumbai on Sunday (15th July)

It was nice time spent together…we completely hit off from the word go and dint look like three people meeting for the first time.. of course I had met up aakash before… richa was real apprehensive traveling in delhi as she wasn’t at all familiar with the place (she told me again and again on the phone that she did not know anything of delhi)… we planned up the meet around 11:30 and aakash was to pick me up and then richa from connaught place metro station…but somehow aakash got late and richa was the first one to reach CP and poor poor girl called me up and sounded so tensed!!!!!! ...anyways we landed up and parked our car and walk upto the designated meeting point and there we see this girl standing and looking warily in some direction…the tension in her eyes was palpable !!!!.. anyways she broke into this lovely smile on spotting us…and me and richa just hugged each other spontaneously ….as if we were long parted friends…and lemme tell you…I really liked her on the first instant itself….she’s so genuine a person and it shows in her lovely angelic smile!!!!! After we exchanged our hi’s and hello’s(which were rather boisterous!!)… she told us that she only had one hour to spend as she had to board train in the evening (Which was real sad coz me and aakash had planned so many things …infact we had planned to show her all cool hangouts of delhi in a nice lazy way).

We (me and aakash) unanimously decided to take her to Blues (a nice pub in outer circle of connaught place with gothic meets 70’s d├ęcor and plays classic rock & pop)…. So we hopped over to the place talking nineteen to the dozen….. and once comfortably ensconced in our chosen corner…we ordered drinks and grubs(emphasizing each time to the waiter that he REALLY had to hurry as our lady from Mumbai had to leave in an hour)…aakash with his free flow of talks and thoughts was the constant source of our entertainment and laughter….. We talked on so many things..gosh!!! .... about safety of women in the two cities, Mumbai local trains, Delhi metro, music, fashion…and so many more…………and took lots of pics …

Soon it was time leave ..but we were really having a great aakash suggested that we drop richa to the metro station (I mean right upto the platform..for those who are not familiar with Delhi Metro, even to get to the station platforms of the metro, one has to buy tickets),which was promptly seconded by off we went…upon reaching the platform..we (me and aakash) decided that since we had already bought the tickets, we might as well take the train ride with richa off we go…chatting up in the train.. once we reach the station..we decide lets drop richa to her aunt’s place (she was putting up at her mausi’s place)..and so we did…and then richa invited us into her aunt’s place.. we sit there chatting with her aunt (very nice friendly lady!!!!)…while richa is packing and now again the girl is so so tensed!!!! coz she has to pack….and eat and also talk with anyways after some time it was time to say adios…me and richa hugged again!!!...and me & aakash push off… by this time it had started raining and weather was real lovely… so me and aakash come back to Conaught Place again….stroll along the Inner Circle & the central park, enjoying the rainy afternoon and then lounge in a nice tea bar for sometime ( we were really missing richa that time!!!)..and after some time realize it’s 5 o’clock in the evening!!! we move off..and aakash drops me off to my place(by the way he’s a real gentleman!!)…

That’s my account of the exquisite day…now over to Aakash…

[At this point we will skip the stupid aakash and move straight to the account from our mademoiselle Richa!]

The Rightist: Richa (the girl who apologises for every small fault, even if the strange guy in a strange yellow shirt and stranger dirty brown chappals steps on your feet, but if Richa is there with you, she will oh-so-sweetly say ‘sorry’) I have been asked not to touch a single word of her writeup, or else she will kill me. So for her wish, (apan ko jeene ki waise bhi nahin padi hai) we will have it her way, Verbatim.

my bit too!!

" Nervous, and yes, slightly weary. On 15th July, I, for the first time, met someone directly off the net. And it was an Experience, and beautiful one :o)
Delhi, Connaught place (is that how its spelt?), metro ... and then ... Sush n Aakash!

The best part was the instant comfort :o)

With sush, thr was instantaneous hit off! I mean ... that gurl simply rocks! If she calls me genunie, gosh.. u gotta meet her up once, she is like the most natural person, at ease with herself (except wen it comes to photographs ;o) )! I totally admire the gurl :o) and since i ve been really wanting to meet her after our looong orkut convo (remember sush? ). Righto sush... waitng to meet up with you agn!

hmm... now as for aakash ;o)
he's an apparently spontaneous guy, though i do believe a great thinker and thought over person (hmmm)
he's an awesome conversationalist... and what i totally loved was the way he gets you comfortable, the entertainer for all, he makes sure the convo interests you or bends around making you yourself :o) yep, he's a thorough gentleman (in some ways NOT!) and yes, im looking forward to understanding this man of so many words!

missed ishi, rajiv and suchi greatly that day... wish it coiuld hav been all of us...
anyway, next time ish? :o)
My bit in this post is to emphasise how AWESOME these two people are!
And sush and aakash… thanks for everything, everything :o)
Cant wait to meet up again!"

[See Richa, I didn’t change a thing, including the piggy face you love, even though I meant to censor most of the stuff you have so graciously written about me. ]

The Truist: Aakash (he he he! who else!!!), also known as Vyom (for Keshi’s sake)

It was 9:00am in the morning, when he realized that he had again forgotten his friend's (who is a colleague, and a neighbouring flat resident) birthday. But this forgetting and then remembering was not new to him, and neither to the others. While he was busy kicking his head on forgetting again, the others were snoring.

So followed a quick shower and a hurried visit to the baker who said he cant bake a cake before 11:30 (which was the time he was supposed to be at CP, meeting two of his friends). And thus some pastry was bought which was engineered into a Cake (engineering degree being put to use in engineered ways :p), and along with bottles of Godafather beer (he used to call the birthday boy Godfather) that was found with great difficulty; a raid on the birthday boy's flat was made. And all this while, when the beer was being poured in glasses and a cake was cut, our protagonist was under anxiety pangs of being late for a rendezvous he had been waiting for.

And thus after a frantic call telling Sush that he'll be late, he rushes forth to pick her, and then heads for CP where stands in wait the damsel from the city of dreams, the rightful Richa.

[and now I’ll switch to first person narrative]

We are 10 minutes behind schedule and Richa who is so suspicious (read scared) of saddi-Dilli (our delhi, and also Abhi-shake’s) is standing outside the McDonalds at the B-Block in CP (and yes Richa, you got the spelling right!) I spot her from the distance, Sush says, how do I know, and I just shrug my shoulders.

The women hug, while I stand ignored (and then they speak of gender bias and all). And notes on each others mascara/eyeliner shades are swapped, while the writer tries to ignore all that goes around him.

Richa breaks the ignominous news that she has less than 2 hours. So we head off to Blues.
Mojito (Sush’s choice) and 2 LIT’s (one of which had to be changed twice, because of a Devdas’ian fly that refused to come out of the glass and rather die in it, TWICE!!!) trickled down our throats, great conversation ensued and suddenly we realized Richa had to go.

A metro ride, a little walk, a homely home, some golgappas, a very sweet maasi (statutory warning, only Richa’s maasi), many ‘sorry’s’, strong rains, a drop to the staion in a car, a goodbye, another metro ride, another walk in the central park, tea and Ghalib at the Cha-Bar later. We decided to go back.

I dropped Sush and headed back to Gurgaon on the rainy evening. The day that started riding out alone and then doubling up with scintillating Sush, to be added on by the dazzling Richa, had reduced back to the lone confines of my car. Dire Straits sang ‘do the walk of life’ and I drove on into the twilight.

Was it Virtual? You tell me.


  1. Thanks Ishi! You know, without you none of this was possible.


  2. @SS...i totally loved the description, I somehow feel I was there too :p Dont mind but I got no clue wht am toking bout.

    @richa...u the chui-mui types naa?? :P time m cumin to del, we gonna hv a drink together for sure...u rock!

  3. nope, it din seem virtual to me at all...i'm anticipating meeting everyone even more now...richaaa,come to pune soon cause even utsy will be here in few weeks...we'll have loadza fun ;)

  4. @aakash..u summed up our meet pretty good!!!!

  5. oi.. awesome.. description.... and to think that lassie called richa was supposed to turn up at pune.. while me and michelle waited upf or her.... hehe.. but still mates this is damn lively way of putting things up!! :)
    and frankly, the way it has been put i must say you guys are damn lively.... better make sure you gusy can meet up wen am in delhi next month.. abhi se plans bana lo!! lol.... c ya.. tc and keep rocking!! :)

  6. Wow.. the meet sure must've been nice, reading the post sure does.

    So Mr. Gentleman.. keep at it, your share of hugs will come from the ladies too ;)

    P.S: Will I get to experience the same thing when I visit Delhi?? :D

  7. thnx vyom and yeah really missed out on this...aah but there'll be a next time for sure :)...lovely pics and sush they got u to grin away :)))

    @ john.. seems like we'll have to have more BUF meets or semi BUF meets and do posts on them, to...welllll... get a comment from U!!! RIGHT?

  8. very well described..
    happy to have discovered ur blog !

    luks interesting..

  9. This post makes me want to have a day in India at that specific place. *pouts.

    Love the way its written and the fun u guys have.

  10. WOW!

    Amazingly sync'ed and written..
    and what fun you had!!

    (AHA...My name also appeared.ehehehehe)

    cherios people..
    i hopw to also hit delhi one day and a great ball!!

  11. lovely post.. and we missed it though :p

    have fun!!

  12. @Mr. J...

    u seem to be here not so often commenting y?? n last i read ur comment in our BUF meet ... i guess u commented cos we all were talking with u n ur name was mentioned.. here i dont see ur name anywer how come u commented??


    @ ishi..

    how truly said abt J :p


  13. @ Aakash: Dude you rock. [HA HA HA HA]
    ok now seriously... i am not sure should i reply to the comments or not? Afterall it is a collaborative effort by all of us, I just tied it all together.

    @Wacko: Oye kaake! You are underage, so I being a responsible citizen cant let you drink (though its a diff fact that for Delhi so am I :p )

    @Michelle: And when are we being invited my michelle? :-)

    @Shooting Star: Hello madam! Its high time you respond to these comments as well. :-)Too much for me to handle, suddenly because of you 2 ladies, i have become famous. :p

    @Sam: Aa jao Bandhu! Mil ke madirapaan karenge!!! Yay, 3 cheers for sam.

  14. @Mr. J: Howdy sir! And please pay heed to Ishi's gussa, or else she'll ban you. Just kidding!

    As for delhi, yes sure you will. I'll aski Sush if she's okay with hugging you. *guffaws*

    @Ishi: Kya re... kaiko thankyou bolti hai??? *in a tapori drawl* And like i said, you are the one who brought us (and this post) together. =)

    @Rashi: Keep discovering. And no, i dont work for Discovery Channel. :)

    @SweetStickyChewy: Your moniker gives, ideas and all are not so nice... ;)

    Having said that, do come over. Rock n Roll can still save the world.

    @Abhi-shake: Arre bhai, aaja dilli. Apan bhi baith ke piyenge. :D And thanks man. Cheers.

  15. @Uttara: Yeh dekh lo, tumhare liye alag se post kar rahaa huun. :D

    Take my word, we missed you too!

    And what do i say now? You toh havent said a thing for me to react. :)

  16. sidenote: for a moment, i confused richa in the pic with mandira bedi :)

  17. ***Your moniker gives, ideas and all are not so nice... ;)

    Huh? lol...Wat are u talking abt?

  18. @Jitendra: Sometimes i mistake mandira for Richa. :p

    @SweetStickyChewy: Okay, if you come across someone with a name of SweetStickyChewy. What do you think of? :p

    (Apart from nougat filled chocolates, and centerfresh?)

  19. I am feeling sooo J ...Mein kab aap sab se milungi :((

    And Beautiful pictures :))

  20. ahem!! aakash being naugty huh?? ;)

  21. i like that very first theory ;)

  22. @aakash..u are famous coz of you..not coz of us.... and.....
    enjoy the fame while it lasts!!!

    @poo...lets hope we meet soon and have more rocking times ahead!!!!

    @abhi...come over here soon!!!!!!

  23. U r lucky to have met em. How nice.

    like Johno, Im jealous too :(


  24. Sush had already shown me the snaps and i loved it....:)
    And bloody hell!!! i must really learn to plan out things like u all...3 days in mumbai and cudnt manage to catch up with nobody!!!!