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Monday, July 30, 2007

The Best Gift You've Ever Recieved (Yashita)

So I suppose not many people know me here :) And I take the whole blame for it. I have not posted since my introduction post and no, I am not going to wear you guys down with any excuses :) Anyway, my post is quite apt considering the current situation BUF seems to be in. So here's about the best gift I have ever received :

Sneha was A's very good friend. Therefor it seemed obvious that Sneha would come quite often in hostel to meet A. She would always say hi-hello to us, the usual pleasantries, chat with A and leave. I never much interacted with her and I, at first, didnt even like her. But one day I bunked one of my lectures and came back to the room. I saw Sneha sitting in A's room. I thought it would seem very rude if I just walk off from there, specially when she had seen me, without saying anything. So I went upto her and asked after her. And we generally started talking. I guess it was that moment. We both didn't realise when time flew by us! We were so engrossed in our talks that it was A's arrival that made us realize we were talking for almost over an hour!

I read somewhere that God makes us meet many wrong people before we meet the right one so that when we do meet the right one, we can fully appreciate how special that person is.

There have been many ups and downs in my life. And during one of my lowest moments, when I didn't even have the so-called friends, it was Sneha who stood by me and helped me. All the way. There were times when I couldn't understand what I felt, wanted to feel or should feel. It was in those times when Sneha understood me and gave me strength to carry on. There are many things I cherish in my life, many people. But the one gift I will always hold next to my heart is the one because of which am here today, able to cherish other gifts.

We are lucky to have a choice. We have the choice to choose our friends. And our enemies. But in the end it's not the enemies who matter. But friends.


  1. hey yashita..nice to knw bout u and sneha..lookin further to knw u guys better..


  2. hey Yash long time!

    How's such a warm friendship story.


  3. firstly yash... Welcome back! You were missedddd more than u can imagine possible :)

    And the post touched a familiar chord.. I know coz I have a fren like that too :)

    The last line was the bestest and something I will hold close to my heart...

    "We are lucky to have a choice. We have the choice to choose our friends. And our enemies. But in the end it's not the enemies who matter. But friends..."

    Don't stay away too long again yash :))

  4. hey yashita...
    umm... guess this is teh first pst i saw from u... no problemo!!
    a wonderful incident of how the most unexpected of circumstances can bring abt a gr8 frnd into ourlives.... and i can relate to dat perfectly.. coz dat how i found gini... mah best pal!! :)
    and a lot more.....
    wonderful... have more such frnds and not just one!! :)

  5. good friends truly are god-sent.

  6. Well come Well come

    lifes strange yaar!!

    good to see lucky people ike you and I am sure Sneha is as lucky as you are!!

  7. hi yash,
    friends r gods greatest gifts to us. i value my friends a lot too :)

  8. A Jewel in Yash life and that Sneha lucky are you both :))

  9. @Wacko, thanks:)

    @Keshi, Hiya!!! LONG time indeed! miss coming to ur blog :(

    @Ishita,Awww! now that really made me feel guilty for staying away so long :(...thanks, Will try and show up more often:)

    @Aakash, thanks :)

  10. Yashita.... GOD bless Sneha and you and may your friendship grow stronger with every passing day.....

  11. Yash I miss ur blog too...wut happened? Why dun u blog anymore?



  12. @Keshi, umn..yeah, I did intend to stop blogging...there seemed nothing to blog about :) and there was too much work at office too...but anyway, am blogging again...though not as regularly :)