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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

10 things about Ms. Right (Switchblade)

Aaah…isn’t this a topic that sets all us single guys at attention? I mean there’s probably not a single bachelor out there who hasn’t already prepared a list in his mind of what the perfect girl for him should be like...

Now normally such a topic would get me recalling all the things I actually want in Ms. Right…but then again isn’t every dude looking for more-or-less the same kinda girl give or take a few preferences?
So apart from a plus points…ill also enlist some of the minus points on my rating scale…(yes I do have one…)...and all those who think I’m being chauvinistic by mentioning a rating scale…yeah right! Like you don’t have one!!

Ok here goes…its not really 10 points but who cares….

Apart from the fact that Ms. Right has to be a ‘she’….

Plus points…

1. She’s gotta be a good God-loving God-fearing Christian…She cant be Ms. Right for me if we can’t agree on the foundation of our lives.
2. We have to be on the same ‘wavelength’.
3. Ms. Right would have a zany sense of humor. I guess zany is the only word I can think of but its kinda like a combination of corny + goofy + sarcastic and a bit of the ‘ol ROFLMAO kinda humor too.
4. If she my Ms.Right then she’s gonna be a Ms. Foodie too.
5. Musical inclinations score brownie points. Minus 5 points if she likes Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys or any other cheesy American teen music act…. Metal-heads will be greeted with open arms.
6. She’s gotta love kids…
7. People say I have a weird sense of which girls are cute and which aren’t….she’s gotta be cute to me :)

Minus points…

1. If she cannot speak English fluently…
2. No one likes smelly people and I’m no exception.
3. Nag nag nag nag nag nag…
4. Replace ‘Nag’ from point 3 with ‘Yak’
5. She shouldn’t be too ‘girly’. I really cant stand girls who are too ‘girly’…everything is so cute and so sweet and so adorable….just kill me!!!
6. She’s gotta be neat and tidy…I mean at least one of us does so Id rather it be her :p

Then there are those things which don’t really matter like height, weight, color, hair length, nationality, race…. etc.
All girls are beautiful no matter what they look like and where they come from. It just takes a bigger man than me to notice the beauty in all of them...


  1. Ha Ha Ha at the last line! =)

    Cheers man!

  2. hahha...found it totally rreverent...funny..hilarious......
    thanks for the good laugh...
    last line....that was a sure rocker..\m/

  3. I rem this tag went arnd wen i started blogging @ "perfect lover"... was fun readin up then and I wz lukin frwd to readin up here too ... needless to say urs was really interestin and a list that honest :P

    hope u find sumone who comes close to this....if u haven't already ?! :))

  4. Interesting list... good to see that you do happen to have a fair idea of whom you want!! sheesh.. how do i compile my list?? :P

  5. lol nice list...m totally annoyingly girly bet u'll hate me :S :P

  6. I seriously like ur list. So realistic and not too demanding.

    **Minus 5 points if she likes Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys or any other cheesy American teen music act

    LOL! Then u'd love me loads...cos my other name is Metallica ;-)

    **neat n tidy

    this is very imp to me. I hate when things r in the wrong place and just cant stand MESSY ppl. that means if my BF is messy, we break up. LOL!

    Anyways great list!