This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blog Update (Ishita)

New Topic (24th July - 4th August):

1. 10 things about Mr./Ms. Right.
2. The best gift you've ever recieved.

A few quick reminders.

The time frame for the posts has reduced because there are days when there are no posts put up.

You can do both topics. It's a sheer waste to not have a post on a chosen topic!

Some BUFers have been sent a "last" reminder to get active again. Failing which, we will have to take them off BUF.

Each One Bring One

For those of you who'd like to recommend a blogger friend to BUF, take advantage of this new initiative...

Yes for the next 10 days, we'll let recommendations work. Limit it to one blogger friend. Have them fill in the request form and the BUFer who recommends needs to send us an email informing us -

Just ensure they are bloggers who will be active here!!!

Now finally,

BUFer of the Week: And this time it's our very own "VIRTUAL GIRL" - UTTARA! :D The girl with the prettiest smile :)...she's a friend to cherish and a blogger who writes direct "dil se". There's never a dull moment around her. She's a bundle of energy and masti. Go on Uttsy, give us a post on your favorite topic... we can't get enough of Uttsy right :)))


  1. wokkkay!!

    seems i am back after ages!!

    who and how BUFer of the fortnight is seleted jee!!!

  2. @ abhi... consistency helps! and others selection *criterias* ..

    and welcome back...

  3. Oi!! I was about to write about the second topic... no problemo.. would go ahead with rest now!! and recommending a friend.. hmm... hafta think about that one!!

    and uttara... CONGRATS!!! hehe... way to go girl!! lagey raho!!

  4. criteria ehh?? wonder wht tis!

    newas congratulations uttsyyyy

  5. hey with uttsy's 4 posts on virtual relationship, she sure need to win :D congrats uttsy!!!!

  6. @ sam... prob resolved :)?!

    and make sure whoever u recommend gets arnd the blog...we'd prefer ppl who interact arnd BUF...thanks :)

    @ aakash:).. yeah m sure uttsy gonna be arnd to thank u fr d enthusiasm shown :)))

    @ ty sush! :)got ur mail and replied!

    @ wacko... the one thing that wins d max points is consistency and ur level of participation...ty @ congrats

    @ diya:) .... thanks... gud to c u here!

  7. ok some good suggestions there. tnxx Ish!

    Congratts Uttsy the MASTI queen! :) Ofcourse she's a bundle of energy that moves too fast and dances all the so cute!

    Cant wait to see Masti queen's post :)


  8. uttuswamy is the buffer of the week...:) that gives u an opportunity to put something apart from the routine how abt a slideshow on the outfits i hv designed for u so far...:D

  9. @ ishi..
    thank u for making me the Buf'er of the week sweety i donno how well i write as u said i write dilse :)

    thank u nice pic of mine i love that :D

    ice cream girl


    @ sam, Sush, anshuman, diyadear..

    all of u guys thank u..

    @aakash YAY YAY!! hehehe

    @ keshi...

    hehe full of enegry n masti is for u also :p


    hugggz i have come up with mine ;)

    @ rajbir...

    if i put that na then pata nahi sab blog vog band karke gharpe baithenge.. n ishi will put a case against me

    now i have done my quota already:p