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Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Z000n Bug!! (z000nie)

Well, finally I’ve decided to release my photo on this blog and its right next to this post, except that I don’t wear goggles and roam around naked in real life. But I believe we all are matured by now, and will not be ashamed to view my snap with our family and pets around.

Blog happened to me more than two years back, when I got bored of constantly gazing at the ceiling fan all my weekend.

"That's it, enough of all this bull-crap, I'm not born to look at the ceiling-fan", were my exact words, "I'll start a blog instead."

Since then I’ve never looked back or on the ceiling and have managed to find a person inside me that was trying to find an escape for a long long time. Farting didn’t help him it seems, so I started writing.

While basking under the rays of blogging, I managed to take some time out to meet fellow bloggers under the name of “BLOG MEET”. Trust me, its nothing but five hours of sense-less ramblings with free Sprite, beer, vodka and ketchup along with Nacho’s sponsored by GOD-Knows-WHO!!

I’ve met couple of them introduced below already and I’m planning to post - in detail running into multiple parts- about how the meeting went, but in some other post. I don’t want them to steal my thunder in this one.
SPECIAL NOTE TO Uttssy & Mala: I’m extremely sorry guys, you’ll throw sandals and beer cans in my direction, once that post is out.
NOTE TO ISHI: Thanks for inviting me, and now aren’t you glad that we didn’t meet in Delhi? Else your name would have appeared in the special note above.
I’m not a people person, which means I prefer not to meet people in person. Especially when they meet me for the first time and go ahead to the extreme of touching my nose and say, “Dude, your nose is way too big. And what’s up with your eyes? And your hair?”

And then without warning – I’m sorry if you don’t like violence – I just go ahead and punch right on the face. This has happened almost all the time till now. Glad that I haven’t been to any blog-meets (if there is such a thing here in UK), else the local newspaper would come out with headline –

Brown Asian male punched a white guy on his face, without reason.

As you might have guessed from above, I’m not the kind of person anyone would love to meet and spend time with. That’s why I fall under the category of mysterious person, whom many are trying hard to poke and get some knowledge about.

I think the mystery about me will slowly unfold in my posts to come on this blog, very much like the movie DA VINCI CODE, except that in DA VINCI you had TOM HANKS, but here – feel extremely lucky when I say this- you’ll have to tolerate ME!!

Thanks for inviting me on this blog and cheers to all you fellas!!


  1. Hahaha.. quite tempted to say.. Here comes trouble ;)

  2. *grin*... u lukin good eh' :P?!!

    on a more serious note...thanks for joining:)...and i wldn't mind being mentioned in the special note but minus the sandal/beer cans :p... wldn't everrrr past wid my sandals! and don drink beer!:P

    thanks :)... keep writing!:)

  3. Ish here I am, tnxx for inviting me. What do I have to do to join?

    aww z000nie u look better than I thought u wud WOW!


  4. @ keshi:)...u need to put in a a short introduction abt urself...once i get all the intro posts (of all d ppl i've requested to join this blog)..we'll start of a new topic...:)..simple!

    ps* use the label "first post" for ur intro post :)... thanks!

  5. But before that the K-Bomb needs to accept the invite link first. Click on that link kesh.. click click click. You can do it.

  6. tnxx Ishi n Johno for ur great efforts to get me here. Well like a true dork I deleted that Invitation (accidentally ofcourse). My apologies.

    Ishi cud u plzz re-send the distinguished invitation? ty!


  7. ooye boy...
    u wil make sure this place has enough to laugh about...

  8. Hi Zooonie..

    The eva famous Mr Bizzare..I think i have to agree with Puneet on his comment

    Cheers ..:)

  9. Hi Zoonie ^_^ good to see u here... and hope to know u mate.

    ... oops nice pic. there anyway... cutee!! ^_~

  10. ROFL!! A typical Zoonie post.. dude m missing these so much these days
    btw, do let know the online edition of the newspprs there.. kya pataa tera punching-pic chap gaya hoga :D

    n yes next time put at least something on the *ahem* parts of tht crazy frog.. u didnt read Ishi's rules kya? Pornography is not allowed .. lol :D

  11. azoon,
    lol.. that was a funny post.. wish i cud meet up with sum1 in the blogsphere too..sounds fun. BTW im dia, a new member here.. dropped in to say hii :)