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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

From the Favourites...(Yashita)

Recommendation 1: If you want to read stories. Different stories. Read Coffee & Stories. You'll be going back for more once you visit this blog. Beautiful stories, absolutely wonderful writing, full of unexpected twists... this one blog will have you hooked!

Recommendation 2: Read Life and more. A personal favorite!


  1. ohhh...yashita :)...i had half a mind to recommend "coffee & Stories" too !! :) glad u did...:)...lovely stories there!

    Must have a luk at the second one too...:)...thanks fr sharing!

  2. its a great place...I checked it out. tnxx!


  3. ... cool blog i can say , read some of his post... kinda interesting really! will surely check again later!

    Thanx for sharin' Yashita!


  4. I find the blog informative and alittle humourous.:) Interesting..

    Thanks Yashita.


  5. Thanks everyone. Hope you find them as entertaining as I do:)

  6. Yashita, Thank you for recommending "Coffee and Stories"! I'm thrilled! :)


  7. I remember reading SaltWater Blues a long while ago....hasnt lost the touch yet :)
    thanks for sharing..brought back a lot of memories.

  8. Coffee and stories, i like it too, one of my friend recommended me abt it a few months back, Saltwater blues i need to check out right now...looks interesting!

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