This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Introducing Miss.Mess (Keshi)

Hi guys I'm Keshi. When you see my pic here you'd go 'oh it's Kesh....yawwwn...that yakker of a Blogzilla'. Anyways this space is a great magical idea guys, and thank you for having me here. A place where friends meet, interact and grow, just WOW! Well what can I say about me, I'm just a hyper-active blogger in the beautiful land of Blogville. What do I do for a living? I'm an IT Consultant (how else could I be blogging 7/5 without getting fired?) but hey don't leave yet! I'm not boring at all - ask any insane blogger out there. What kind of being am I? A perfect creation of imperfection which indicates God was trashed when He designed me. I'm quite sensitive so handle me with care please. I can also be quite gutsy (go figure!) so be prepared for some ballsy darts coming your way. The Male species say I'm hot blah blah blah, but could you believe it I'm still a spinster, foot-loose, fancy-free and all that. Not that it's a bad thing cos I'm bored with men and their babyish psychology anyways (I can identify some rotten tomatoes coming my way but I do have a metal shield here so spare yourselves the energy guys). What do I love the most? MUSIC. She is my best friend, my medicine, my sunshine and what-not, cos she's unconditional and cures me instantly - and she's a SHE for a reason that you might have to figure out. Few other things I really love about this world...ocean, smiles, guitars, hugs, coffee, people, my car and my momma. Sho fizzle catch you laterz then!


  1. finallyy!! :P welcome babe!:)

    hyper active blogger indeed...i guess the most active of the whole lot here!:P...glad u got here and lukin forward to ur posts here in future!:))

    The Male species say I'm hot blah blah blah, but could you believe it I'm still a spinster, foot-loose, fancy-free and all that... Much to their (male specie) delight m sure!!! *grin*

    She is a she coz only a female can be that understanding and comforting! :))

    thanks kesh *huggz*

  2. awww... that lips damnnn!!!! hehe ^_^ hugss Kesh... u made it finally muaahh!!

  3. WoW Keshi U are fast!! hehehehe..*hides from Ishi

    And hey i love that pic. U look good! Love the hair darlz and Gosh that lips. So fulll....I am sure people will enjoy kissing them..(Guy lurve fulll lips from what i know) Too bad i am a lady

    Great intro darlz..;)

    U rock!

    See ya soon!!!:D hehehe..

  4. This place will rock...
    you look gorgeous :-)

  5. awww i thought i was ur sunshine..

    kicks music n comes in her place..



  6. ty Ish for this BOOOOOTIFUL idea HUGGGGGGGGZ!

    Johno I made where's ur intro with a pic ha? ;-)

    Kath MWAHHHHHH! There I smooched ya with those we r officially swinging that way LOL!

    Amy u too then MWAHHHHHHHH! Rem Madge n Brit's kiss? LOL!

    Pu Bear OMG HUGGGGGGGGGZ! Im sooo glad ur here!! So I can see u regularly here? WOW thats a huge PLUS!

    Uttsy awww HUGGGGGGGZ! Ur my sunshine by default...that neednt be told even. :)

    ty all for the warm WC!

    ok now it looks like Im taking over this space as if it's my I better go. Catch u soon!


  7. Alright so now we got 2 bootylicious ones onboard...:)

  8. A perfect creation of imperfection which indicates God was trashed when He designed me.
    loved that line :)

    welcome aboard, Keshi.

  9. ty Mala :)

    This is a great place to keep in touch with all my good ol buddies. What a hoot!


  10. hey there gorgeous ^_~ muaahh!!

    ... simply luvin' that pic. sweetie!!! u look innocent(in ur eyes) and hot(in ur lips). awwwwwww.... ^_^

  11. wo!
    nice pic keshi! all the heat generated! :P

    glad to know a lil more abt u!

  12. i bet this is the shortest post by you, right?
    okk now wht do i get for getting tht correct? :D

    gud to c u guys after a long break..

    btw, i dont think u r miss.mess.. hmmm.. n i still love ur eyes :)

  13. aw ty Kath n u too MWAHHHHHHHHH!


    Huggggggggz Shitrint ty! :)


    aww Sudeep ty!

    I was so glad to see ur Intro. Cos that means we can keep in touch atleast here. I dun wanna lost touch like b4.


  14. Keshi is the Sunshine in
    the blogero-friends area! I feel so honored to have her as a friend.

  15. gee tnxx Krys HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!


  16. oh Keshi is that ur pic....i think i hv seen you somewhere....ha ha.its cool buddy.

  17. hey...
    caught u here too... :)
    great intro...

  18. is this a members only area..

    but anyways.. got tos this intro. blasting. :)

  19. hi mystic
    nice to see you here...why don't you join us??

  20. Mystic n Vishesh ty sweetz! :)


  21. hmmm. nice to now the accident prone baby in her grown up version!!