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Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Best For The Last? :P (Yashita)

1st all sorry for being so late and for keeping you all waiting:P I have been blogging for a year now. My blog started as a result of pure ennui. But now it has become more than that…a place to meet interesting people and a wonderful platform where friends can come together and have some fun…which is precisely what this blog will be for me…a place to hang out with friends:) But not everyone here knows me:) so lets correct that, shall we? Okay, to start things I blog by the name of Yashita:) and I work in an IT company and so far am loving my work:)...which is also the reason for being so late:( I love books…any genre! So am pretty excited about reading book reviews here and hopefully will tell you all about my favourite books too. I love arguing and argue for fun…but it’s not devoid of any logic:P and looks like am in the right place:) Other than that love cooking and occasionally I dabble with colors too. Among the things I hate, insincere people and hypocrites would rate pretty high:)
You must be wondering what’s with the pic of a girl sitting next to a window? Lets just say people find me “mysterious” (even friends who know me...and Sudeep,Ishita and Keshi can confirm that:))…so that’ll be my excuse for not putting up my pic:)...please accept:( But hopefully that will be remedied soon in the future:) since am learning photoshop! I have a habit of talking and this is starting to reflect in this post…so before I start babbling about the terrible road traffic here in Pune, I’ll cut this post short:) and hope we all have some good time here on this blog…and just between us friends, I am terrible with post titles:)


  1. Yashita..

    hey welcome..
    long awaited post :) and wer is ur snap .. come on.. anyway :(

    mysterious... a ha.. welcome the to gang mysterious lady!!

    u blog by the name Yashita means ur real name ain't Yashita??

    * wonders *

    u like arguing.. hmm interesting!!

    Welcome once again!!


  2. Hello Yashita,

    :) Awaiting to get to know you more..

    and welcome..


  3. whoaa look who's here ha. The girl by the window :) HUGGGGGGGZ n WC Yash!

    Tho u wanna be 'MYSTERIOUS' babez we cant consider that excuse valid anymore LOL! So out with it girl..we wanna see ya awww.


  4. @uttara, hey thanks so much for the welcome:)

    @Jewel rays, thank you:)

    @Keshi, thanks keshi:)hehhe...and come on:P

  5. how wierd is that? i thot i left a comment here ystrdy??!! :( and now i see nuthin...did i dream up the whole thing??? huh?!

    hmmmmm! really happy u cld make it here yashita:)...and like i tld u everyone's gonna keep asking u...for the pic etc etc :P

    waitinggg.....!!!! :)

    hope u'll be doing the blog review too...i know u'll make it interesting:)

  6. hi Yashita.... finally u made it here ^_~ welcome dear... seen u around even before on our same friend's blog but didnt get the chance to talk... hope to know u this time!

    nice intro there...


  7. @Lil_Kath, yep...have seen you around too:) but yea, like you said, didnt get much chance to interact...but this blog will change that...thanks for welcoming me with such warmth:)
    take care and see you around:)

  8. Tell me what you see from that window.

  9. @Ishi, thanks for inviting me:) and about the pic...ahem...

    also, yep, will do a blog review certainly! don't know about the interesting bit:) but surely do it this weekend...

    @Mr.J, :) a whole lotta things, you'll have to join me, sit next to the window to see them:P

  10. argumentative programming indian!! ah a tribe on the increase i must say..... and from pune!! gr8!!