This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Friday, March 9, 2007

Ahem.... It's meee!!! (Kathy)

Hiiiii!!! ^_^ awwwww ....i need to write down something here before Ish give the sweetest tiger look for me like what i always do to Rina when she ignores what am sayin' lol!!:) kiddin' muaahh! Well, when i first recieved the invitation message... i was like huh...?? I think this is Ish simple way to wake me up for bein' in " deep bloggers block " mode coz she knows that my two other blogs were already abandoned for several months and i think this time i have to update regularly here at least or else...... ?? i'll be dead haha... ;) okkkkk!!!

Well, I am Kathy .... i have been blogging for more than a year now... yeah, actually i'm pretty active for straight one year (till last july) and after that i suffered " acute lazy syndrome " ^_^ and not fully recovered till now so its like i do it when i feel to and not if i don't hehe... yeah, i'm a typical taurean... luvs readin' astrology and all kinda stuff , haan m a frikkin' dreamer and definitely believe the magic thing called " soulmates " truly exist in life. :P actually i've already found mine but still searchin' for some LOLZZZ!!! just kiddin' :P i know , i know ..... i have to shut up my mouth now else..... somebody gonna get hurt real baaaaaaad!!!! haha.... ^_^ m a lil sensitive and moody too, but few sweet words and hug from u * wink* can bring back my smile ^_^ I admit, i'll never win a tactful award, i hate rush, i hate changes, and dun tell me to get ready for 15 minutes to go w/ u somewhere ;) or else i'll shout and tell u to go alone either :P ... and when m chatting w/ u dun say the word " what else??? " in between talks lol... dun ask the reason why? i just hate that! :) Aside from all, i'm also a busy Mom which m forgetin' too sometimes hehe... LOL!!! ^_^ i love listening to music and googling anything , every single word that comes up on my mind ( yup i love Mr. Google) coz he nevers argue w/ me lol! ^_^ Buggin' my friends is one of my hobby too so be ready hehe... dun worry i won't call u at 3 am. to ask u a name of one vegetable that i can't remember hehe... ^_^ but trust me, i can assure u that i can be the sweetest friend u can have around awww ^_~ okkkk enough na... lol! :P

See ya around guys.... hope for more exciting talks w/ ya all! hugsss.....


  1. heyyy kathhyy :)

    m glad u got here!!! yayy!:)

    and it's also interesting to see that ppl who haven't been actively blogging are the first to put up their intro posts:)...!!!

    I'm lukin forward to seeing a lot of posts from u here and hope this is fun for u too!:)


  2. Hey kathy, welcome on board, im glad to see you here. I can already tell that this is gonna be a fun experience to get to know you as well as others through this blogg.

  3. alrightoo...

    i donno much about ya.. but wat i know is that u r a darling of all kinds :) and u r way too sensitive and caring.. a lovely mom and sweet person..:)

    and hope to have fun here


  4. Hello kathy, heard a bit abt u from ishita...

  5. @ Ish

    yeah, my pleasure to be here ;) wanna thank u for makin this things possible muaahh!

    @ Pavan

    hey thanx dear, glad to see u too here :) m lookin' forward to know u all guys.... cheers**

    @ Uttsy

    awww thats sweet of u dear.. yeah, maybe we dun really know each other personally yet but i can say we have the bond already .... together w/ our other mates here ;) and m hoping to know u more sweetie muaah!!

    @ Southpaw

    oh u heard a bit abt me from Ish? ... cool!! ^_~ hope to know more dear.. see ya around!

    happy weekend guys! hugsss**

  6. ok i am not the only one who is scared of Ishita....Ishi hehehehe...

    Great seing u here Kathy...

  7. @ Rajiv

    hehe ^_^ now i know awwww....

    great to be here w/ ya all guys!!!

  8. helloo, seen you around, never got talking...
    do hope to read more of your stuff :)
    and you look pretty.

  9. ooh lala Kathy ha? I was stalking u for some time...did u know that?


  10. hi Mala, yeah, seen u too many times on other buddies blogs... but never got the chance to talk!

    hope to know u more sweetie.... and thanx... u look more pretty ^_~ muaahh!

    see ya around! ...

  11. @ Kesh

    u stalking me ??? whoaa! ..... ^_~ didn't know that hehe...

    .... sexy and gorgeous stalker?? awwwwwwww ^_^ luv that!! *wink*

    hugss uuu!!

  12. hey beautiful...
    we can meet here often ;-)

  13. beautiful?? awww....thanxx!! gotcha ^_~ so everybody seems to be around na? happy to see u here sweetie... hows u?? it's been a while na... m not blogging too for ages so maybe its good to start here....

    haan see ya around! ;)

  14. :) Hey lil_kath

    hehehe..I 've seen ya around Keshi blog. And yeah i am yet to know u more..Will drop by ya space some days..

    Interesting Intro there..

    U sound cute!! lol

    Cheers! rock on!;D

  15. Beautiful stalker ha oooooo :):)


  16. @ Amy

    ... thanx! ^_~ yeah, will surely check ur space too sweetie muaahh!!

    see ya around!tc...


  17. @ Kesh

    ... yup and wud luv to be stalked by sexy and gorgeous uuuuu!! muaahhh!!!!

  18. beware I might get distracted and start stalking hunks close to!


  19. @ Kesh

    ... hehe ^_^ its ok sweetie, wud luv to share w/ u lol! no need stalkin' them awww..... ^_~