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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fortnightly Update (Ishita)

Okkk guys … time for the fortnightly update again. I thought I wouldn’t be around to put in the update this time coz my pc crashed :( (Blogged about it here). Anyway, using my cousin’s laptop to get here and put this up! I also lost a lot of files…including the one with birthdays/annivs *sigh*…so please guys take the trouble to send me all that again!! All communication related to this blog should be sent to our new email id

Firstly thanks again for putting up your postsAmy, Mala, Uttsy, Rajbir, Suchi, Rajiv, Keshi, Kathy, Yashita and John! Ofcourse, I put up mine too! This Friday (tomorrow) is the last day for this topic @ ‘Blog Review/Recommendation”, so if anyone of the others left…has a post to put up please do so asap!

I hope u guys remember the rules..esp. the one which says u can’t go missing for more than 3 weeks at a stretch! That obviously means you can’t skip two topics in row!! So all u guys who missed this topic, you all better put in posts in the topic that’s coming up effective this weekend! :P this message is specially for Pavan, Sudeep, Puneet and Arz000n!

Not many got back to me with new topic suggestions. So you just have to choose from the ones we put up each time in the poll counter. This time out of the four topics which have featured….@ “Travel Experiences”, “Your weird hobby”, “Share a recipe” and “Dating Fundas”…we got max. votes for “Dating Fundas” soooo….get going and share your dating funda’s ppl :-) … that would include stuff like what you think would work to make a perfect date or talk about your dating experiences, share music u used to woo your love, messed up dates, things that are a definite no no…and yeah your idea of a perfect date! And who you’d like as your date etc etc….!

Oh yeah keep in mind that music in the post shouldn’t auto play or loop!! :)

All those ready with your posts for “Dating Fundas”, please start posting this Saturday onwards! It would help if not more than one post is put up in a day….so if u see one already in, then try and wait till the next day….unless of course u won’t be able to get back for a while and just HAVE to put it up that very moment itself! :)

And start voting for the next set of topics…@ “My kind of music”, “Your weird hobby” (this almost won the last time, hence here again), “10 things you should know about me” and “My favorite holiday”.

We're also sending out new invites to a few people who have shown an interest in being part of this blog…You’ll soon know who! (Keep guessing if u wanna!)….and of course they will start of by putting up their intro posts and start of with whatever topic is on at that point of time….

If you any of you know of people who wanna join in, please let me know. And for people who get here and visit this blog…if u have questions, email them to and we’ll get back to you.

Coming Soon: Oh yes, for all existing members of this blog....John's working on a badge to link up to this blog :) ...plz pick up the code and flaunt it in your blogs! Lets show off guys! :P

That’s it guys…Have a great weekend! And Happy Blogging!!! :)

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  1. ishi..

    awww u know wat she is WOWWWWWWW!! i started liking her even more now ( don't worry only her songs :p)

    she is absolutely stunning!! she dances so fgracefully .. phewwwwwwww!!

    The show was worth it!! that too watching her from 1st row ;) ahem ahem..


    * hangover abhi tak nahi gaya *