This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Friday, March 16, 2007

Fortnightly update for all (Ishita)

Okay all aboard here...Sudeep and Yashita got their intro posts up yesterday...finally!!! Thanks everyone for accepting and being a part of this blog!!! All the links to the intro posts and profile/blog links have been updated (the pics may change once I hear from u all). The poll counter is work in progress as I'm still waiting to get a reply regarding topics. Hurry guys! and also waiting for the reply to the mail requesting B'days/anniv/blog birthdays etc and my request for your pics...

And now we can start off with the new topic "Blog Review" (I'm still working on mine!) Anyone who's ready with their post can put up their post...please don't wait for me.

We have Mala doing the book review every month (first one is due on 15th April). If anyone else is interested in the same, please coordinate with her so we don't have dates/books clashing...

Hoping by next weekend we can decide on the next topic to blog about :-)

The first birthday (I think) is on 22nd March... Suchi's ! :-)

My Poem blog anniversary is today - 16th March :-)

Looking forward to reading your reviews!!! Get started everyone...!


  1. Happy Poem Blog anniversary Ishita..:)


  2. party kaha hai madam:p

    aur suchi ke b'day ke liye kya kar rahe ho???

    my b'day is on the 5th feb woh chala gaya :( awww ab agle saal .. hehe

  3. Now that all the posts are up, i'm tempted to say we have a couple of IT people here, two from finance, a doc, HR, S&M and 1 person who has the patience to bring us together..

    We should start a new company I tell you. ;)

  4. John..


    idea boora nahi hai .. ;)

  5. @Mr.J, lol...that's nice...but what products will our company develop?:P

  6. @ suchi degi!:) aa jao dilli :P

    @ john:)...1 person who's wunderin "ohkk now baby just wait n watch!!"...a tad bit ummm...worried abt the outcome :P ... uh oh...the pessimist in me just woke up! chhooo bhaag....okkay that thot's gone...:)

    @ amy, uttsy, yashita ... one fine day we'll sit back and have john talk abt all the super fantastiic plans for this blog :)... company kya ... blog hi kaafi hai:P

  7. oops happy poem blog anniv. Ish ^_~ and what a nice song here ...

    happy weekend!


  8. @ kathy :) thanks! glad u liked d song...! enjoy ur wkend *huggzz*

  9. Congrats...and nice song!