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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Music anyone? (Ishita)

Like a typical Gemini, I couldn’t decide on any one blog to review/recommend! I admit a lot of the blogs I read are the ones in my blogroll and probably some that most of u get to often too. I must’ve mentally reviewed a whole lot of them and then it struck me suddenly that while I do get through this whole lot and some new ones every other day, there’s been one blog that’s been around in my list of fav sites and helped me a lot in something I usually spend a lot of time indulging in…besides blogging/chatting! I’m talking about music of course … what were u thinking??! :P

Since I do download a lot of music and that’s how I have this crazy collection (by that I mean music of every genre/era)…I know of and keep looking for sites to get good music from. And I’m sure u guys know plenty too :-) (hint: tell me all about them!) But by far I love bollywood music. And yes, there are several sites to get music from but we’re talking about blogs here right?

And that’s why I must mention this blog…the title is self explainatory… Download Hindi Songs” ! I get here pretty often to get hold of latest hindi music :-) or simply to read about music (what’s come in and any other trivia). What I liked most about getting to this site was that I got to download a pretty nice software to convert my music files to mp3 … which I’ve successfully used to convert sound clips recorded on my cell phone (that’s the N91) and songs downloaded from this site too! Works like a charm…easy and uncomplicated which is perfect for a non techie like me!

The owner of the blog has several blogs mostly related to bollywood…haven’t been to those that often though. His profile says “A non-Indian who loves Bollywood movies and music just as much as any Indian; that's me, DJ! I have been into hindi music for quite some years, and have watched numerous Hindi movies…” and that’s about all I know of him. And yeah I know he’s violating copyright laws etc…

But who’s complaining right? Not I for sure :-) so long as the songs download and the links aren’t broken! I just need the music (sue me l8r!)

Though yeah I’d have preferred a better template and thought of leaving a comment there suggesting they could get in touch with John here to get a few tips!! :P

Edit: A friend pointed out sumthin I goofed up on :( ... so this to point out the disclaimer that I coneveniently missed reading on the above mentioned site. It goes as follows....

Important Disclaimer:All the songs on this blog, for which download links are provided, are already available on legit and legal India based websites for FREE. So we are not breaking any copyright or other relating laws by compiling those songs and poviding them here. None of these songs and MP3 files are hosted on this server.

*sigh*....sorry I missed that! :(

But hey good now I know better :) :P


  1. Interesting..:) thanks for sharing Ishita..


    And haha to "as long as the links are not broken"

    Have a good weekend too!!

  2. And yeah I know he’s violating copyright laws etc…***smart fellow, doing it on blogspot, wud get in trouble in another 6 months or so.

  3. imposibble to find good sites to listen/download music. thanks for sharing.

  4. dhanya ho ishi maate..

    thank u thank u !!

    :) :) :)

  5. ohhh,you don't know how grateful am for this! it's easy to find good English music...but I just can't seem to find bollywood songs...thanks thanks thanks:)

  6. Thanks for the disclaimer Ishi. We don't want any lawsuits :P This reminds me, we are missing a lawyer.

  7. Ooh this one is cool Ish... will try to download some of my fave hindi songs too! thanx for sharin' muaahh!

    have a great week ahead!


  8. WOW this is great! tnxx Ish!