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Monday, March 19, 2007

Definitely Not a Recommendation :P (Suchi)

WARNING: This is harsh and only the blogger / blog reviewed is free to take offence!!!

Oh my my I have waited for this moment for so so long :)

Well, this is the time to review blogs and write things which are nice and be critical, so that they can be used to improve. But people, here am I tell you about a blog which you should NOT go to…… I have nothing against that person as I don’t even know if he (I assume it’s a man) is for real.

As a matter of fact a link to this blog also would be breaking one of the most important rules of this blog which says “Pornography and explicit language strictly not allowed”. So I thought I should warn you all about NOT visiting this space, since I believe we all are like minded people here and would not like to know about some jerks jerky statements.

In short, the blogger thinks no end to himself, there is excessive and unnecessary misuse of the F word and not to forget that the blogger considers himself to not only be a blessing to mankind but also the only one left for women. GOD bless those women who associate with this low life virtual so called conceited loser!

I do not expect any of you to visit this blog but if you do, and then you are free to differ from my opinion. No offence taken.



  1. Helpp!! :O

    Boy am I glad u didn't review any of mine :P

    But of course curiosity got the better of me and I did visit the trash can ... but don think i disagree with what u have to say!

    More tmrw wen m not as sleepy as i am right now :P...

  2. Likewise.. I'm glad you didn't review mine.. especially considering the 'F' word factor
    :D Suchi will always be a sweetheart.

  3. Gosh i can't help but notice the attractive character u are within as i read the review and remembered ya intro. really looking forward to get to know you more within through ya posts up here. :D

    And its really nice to have something out of the ordinary . A critical one instead of a recommendation. Impressive i must say!


  4. Bach gaye....good u never visited my unplugged...:)

  5. it's so funny to read :P
    just the first line had me in!

  6. God! wat a jerk! lol...he is so damn full of himself! hehe...thanks for reviewing it:)

  7. LOL.. I just checked out his blog and i have to say i find him pretty hysterical and entertaining. Thought i wouldn't say i cater to his thoughts..

    the feminist will hate

  8. suchi..
    tumne hammain dara diya ..
    n aapka warning padhke hum zor zor se has padhe..lolz


    lolz Ha ha ha

  9. Hey Ishi, you know it all.....:)

    Wonder if anyone has told him abt this mirch masala yaar:)

  10. Hey John! Mr. JD is what I love calling you:) I wouldn't do this to friends.....I aint that mean.

    Plus you do not misuse the F word by escessive and unnecessary usuage, literally insulting its existence :) :P

  11. Hi Amy, the jewel rays......Thanks so much... this is me, candid, brutally frank and fiercely bold (rather brave)....I can't say things behind any1's back....big problem....

    Sure, we 'll get to know each other better and who knows we actually may end up meeting up in person. GOD bless and take care!

  12. Rajbir sahab.... who says I haven't visited your unplugged blog :D par bhaag aayii wapas....

    But as I said to John, I wouldn't do this to friends.... not coz you all are my friends but coz I have seen the other side of you all on so many different occassions and situations.....

    Maybe that guy too has it and someday in future I will get to know him as well, virtually or really......(to begin with we'll break each other's head and then become friends or end up in the ICU ...LOLZ....) who knows.... maybe then I won't trash his blog like this....

    But as of now he is the one....

  13. Hi Yashita, its really been a long long time since I have seen you on my post.....and trust me I am so happy to hear from you:)

    He's is a jerk and full of himself!!

  14. Noa you know Amy why I hated him...

  15. Ok Uttsie, achchha hai kabhi kabhi mujhe tumhe hasana bhi chahiye besides scolding you ....LOLZ.....

    BTW, who do you mean by "hum" ... tell tell

  16. Suchi now that u have tempted me to visit him, I will :)

    Let me go n come bakk. TATA!


  17. ... just now i've checked the blog, i think he's a totally jerk !!! quite funny in some part though... just some words are too bold na!

    ... agreed, not a recommendation ^_^