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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Eleven Things. (Mala)

Hi, I'm Mala. I have been blogging since, umm, let's see, 2002, I think - almost 5 years. But every year sees a new blog. Because I get bored of my old blogs, or I get angry and delete them.

That's the first thing about me. I get bored/angry very easily.

I am quite a private person and a total homebird. Or so I thought -- until I left my home city and family to experience what people term 'independence'.

That's the second thing about me. I am an independent girl surviving in the jungle of people, called Mumbai.

I miss home - not. Surprising but true. Earlier I used to cry even at the thought of leaving home for a day. And now it's been close to a year since I have been away from home, and yet not been homesick.

That's the third thing about me. I am a emotional-fool-turned-toughie. Some even call me rude/indifferent. But, really, I'll lay my life for people I like. And that's not many.

A typical weekday is spent between office and home. A typical weekend is spent in company of my friends, most of whom I've come to know through blogs/chat. Where? Mostly at some beer bar (even though I don't drink), ogling at goodlooking boys (which is a rarity).

That's the fourth and the fifth things about me. I work hard and I party harder.

And the sixth thing. I have lots of friends.

And seventh. I frequent clubs.

And eighth. I don't drink.

And ninth. I like goodlooking boys.

And tenth. I think goodlooking boys are a rarity.

And, yeah, see that red, blurry thing down there? That's me.

Why is it red and blurry? Don't ask me. I don't like being questioned.

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  1. heyyy :)...m so happy seeing u here too!! :)...!!

    don't u ever get bored and leave this blog:P ...okkk! we'll try to keep ur interest alive :)

    we didn't get to spend a lot of time together but I am so lukin forward to knowing u and in the real world!!!:)...

    and i think being a "toughie" is a must nowdays...keeps fools away and ppl will never take u for granted....go girl!:)

    and m so lukin forward to another trip to mumbai...the city u now call home:)...wanna party wid u and uttsy all over again!!:)

    thanks for sharing the pic:)

    have a gr8 wkend!

  2. Jeeeezzz...
    Ive met you couple of times in real life, but was not aware that you have dyed your whole skin to look kinda red :O

    Wht happened??
    Sun bathing or something??

    You look diffferent..kinda reddish :))

  3. @ arz000n:)...where's ur intro post??!! :)

  4. hello helloo


    aapke baare main i can write a book.. lolzz.. not everyone can read ur mind.. hai na??

    u r the mosst sweet and cute girl i have ever met.. thanx hun

    and u can bank on me anytime hun.. ( do i have to say this:p )

    meet u soon :):):)

  5. ello ello people...thankyou for reading me. this promises to be an enjoyable stay.


  6. Go to the right places and u can celebrate ur 100th b'day drooling...:)

  7. hi Mala ^_^ glad to see u here, hope to know u more sweetie.

    see ya around! hugsss**

  8. Nice post...waise u write gud stuff...looking forward to reading more from u...

  9. so Mumbai is a jungle Mala? Cool I'd love it there then ;-)

    Nice pic of ur's here.


  10. Hi Mala..:)

    Wow 5 years!! thats really somethng!!

  11. Helloooo people..I'm so sorry I have been a little behind in responding to all your comments. Times are such :P
    But I promise to be a regular from April. Crazy times until then :( posts/comments will be sporadic.
    First book review comes on 15th April. And thereafter every month.

    muahhhhhhhhhhhh..take care all.

  12. will look forward to the book review..


  13. hmm a temperamnetal girl.... nice to know u!! rock on!!