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Friday, March 16, 2007

The Compulsive Confessor - Blog Recommedation (Mala)

Smart, sassy, in-your-face. That’s how The Compulsive Confessor delivers.

This blog is sure to be a hit with the girls for the chicklit value that it brings. And guys – well, guys have a habit of being a Peeping Tom. Which guy wouldn’t want to read a hard-hitting lady, who has no qualms about declaring and then publicly celebrating the day she lost her virginity :-)? Who wouldn’t love reading the girl who calls a spade a spade, and has no emotion that she keeps hidden from the world?

The confessor has an excellent hold on her language and expresses her
emotions/viewpoints in a very convincing manner. You like to read her because you will relate to what she writes – at some level or the other. And if you don’t, well, you’re just fooling yourself.

She is my daily dose of page 3 gossip ;-).

And I would like to consider this post as a recommendation rather than a review.


  1. yep...I enjoy reading the Punkster's blog too:)

  2. just went thru her blog...and everythin u say is 100% right! m hooked! :P

    thanks fr sharing mala!

  3. u have a huge list of bloggers .. hai na??
    but iska tho maanna padega!! :p dam hai ye ladki main..

    but i got hooked onto ome of ur referals .. ruko main likhti hu uske baare main!!



  4. yashita: yeah, it's been over a year since I've been reading her. love her work to bits :) they pack a punch!

    Ishi: you are welcome, love :)

    Utsy: huge list of bloggers - not anymore. only a couple now...somehow I stopped visiting blogs, and so fell out of touch with most.
    I wonder who I referred ???

  5. GOsh its a recommendation it is!!!!

    Thank YOU!!

    have a good weekend!!

  6. I am hooked Mala..

    Love chicklit

    :D Thanks

  7. :)
    so glad you guys are liking it.
    she spreads happiness and confidence, doesn't she? :)

  8. hey thanx Mala, luv her style of writing... straight to the point na, soo cool! ^_~ will check more of her post... thanx for sharing!