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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Main Hoon Na ;-) (Rajiv)

Hi! I am Rajiv. Most of you know me as Ishita's better half ;-) which of course I am. But that aside, I am told that I am fun to be around but let me warn you that I do have mood swings...Don't worry, you'll get used to that because when I want to have a great time I ensure everybody around me has a fabulous time too.

By proffesion, I am a buyer working with an International Buying House. I am also the all rounder at home...I cook, I clean, I wash, I dust....You name it, I've done it...and I do it!!! (Ishi will vouch for it).

My perfect evening would be at home in the company of people I love, having a good meal and watching a good show or cd (I keep collecting movies...that's my hobby). So if you guys wanna join in any friday or weekend evening, you're free to come join us!


  1. Welcome welcome :P

    Yes ishi will vouch for all that...if I see u do all that this weekend!!!!!!! hehehehehe

    pic mai daal doon? tumhe kaha time milta hai :P

    aur perfect evening tumhara aur mera kitna diff hai na....I wanna go out, u wanna stay home! lol :D

    Just kidding...ghar bhi sahi hai bas sotey mat rehna :P

    enjoy this blogging experience!

  2. @ john:)...he's as loyal to "old monk" as u are to "JD" :P

  3. rajivvvvvvvvvvvvvv

    ishi will vouch for all that cos she doesnt do anything hai na???
    bechara pati :p



    aur kya style hai ..lolzz

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  5. ... oops can i join u guys next friday?? hehe... ^_^

  6. ishita Hehehe see what i said was absolutely correct "got back from office and straight into the kitchen" kitna kaam karaogi.

    thanks for the pic

    hope i wud have nice blogging experience

  7. Mr. J...will try JD if u will give me company...or else OLD MONK ho jaye...kya bolta

  8. Uttara Who is bechara...i do because i love doing it...sachche mann se bol raha hoon...yeh dusri baat hai ki woh Peeche Baithi hai...

    Thanks...mera kaam karo nahi to dhichkiaon

  9. Mala...Sirf Helloooooooo se kaam nahi chalega...kuch to likho...waise Hiiiiiiiiii! Aur life mast hai na!

  10. Kathy...I dont see u around its friday already...r u on ur way...*grin*

    Any time u r in India, u know where to come....u r always welcome...

  11. Hi Rajiv!

    heard alot abt u from Ish. Everyone tells me ur so cool to hang out with. I gotta test this for myself when Im in Delhi/Mumbai.

    **By proffesion, I am a buyer

    r ya a stock-broker? urggggh thats one area I neva can u'stand!


  12. Hello Rajiv..:)

    Ishita's Sweetheart..:)

    Its so nice to see u couple get into this !!:D

    An interesting couple i must say.

    Hope to get 2 to know ya more..


  13. keshi... I've heard a lot about you too. Come down to Delhi and spend time with us...would love to meet you and know you better...

    No...not a stock broker. Will explain the exact nature of my job when you get here...I tend to elaborate too much! :)

  14. jewel rays/amy...hello:)

    yes that's me!

    Yes nice it is so long as we don't have any of our crazy fights here .. ha ha...

    I'm looking forward to knowing all of you better too...:)

  15. We've said hello so many times before. :D