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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I, Me and Myself (Suchi)

This is something I have really being doing in the recent past, i.e. talk a lot about myself. Born and brought up in the Indian National Capital and worked couple of years in Bombay. I am a well bred blend of a Mumbaikar and an attitude filled Delhi-ite who loves to speak in both the Bombaiya as well as the typical Hindi. Have been blogging for a year now, though I am yet to hit a half century also; all thanks to time and net accessibility constraints.

I am pretty temperamental and stupidity irritates me to the core. Trying to be a bit more patient and sure to be successful soon. :)

Things I love include family, someone special, friends, career, coffee, ice-cream, dark chocolate, dogs, soft toys, the colour pink and so much more.

Amongst the things that I hate, hypocrisy, meanness, male chauvinism, lying, insincerity etc. tops the charts.

I have the knack for languages and somehow manage to understand them if not converse. FRIENDS happens to be my favourite TV show and often stay awake till wee hours of the night or wake up early to watch it. I love traveling and meeting new people especially if they hail from a very different background.

I hope this will be fun and I can get here as often as my schedule permits. Would love to get to know all of you a whole lot more!


  1. WELCOME!! :))

    happy u finally got this up and that is by far my fav pic (of all the ones who just went through and selected!!)

    will comment in detail tmrw....m dead sleepyyy now....12:30 am and tmrw i have to be up to send puks to school!! phew...and u just left too...*sigh*


  2. Oi.. Congratulations on your new job :D and hope to see you around much often.

  3. WC WC beautiful Bombay girl ;-)

    Isnt Ish's idea THE BEST?

    Nice to see u here and hope to catch up more often now. Ish got us all connected again somehow and that's just great.


  4. awwww Suchi, hows u sweetie?? good to see u here.... its been a while na... not seein' u even on orkut , hope u doin' fine muaahhh!

    lovely pic. there, u looks gorgeous!! ^_~


  5. HEllo AStral.:)

    I love ya intro. Short, sweet and direct. Attractive intro to me personally..:D And also Gosh U are pretty!!!:D ooh la la really..;D

    And also looking forward to get to know u more as well ;)


  6. yeh khusurat si ladki bandstand pe dhup me kya kar rahi thi????:P

  7. a delhi-ite in mumbai!
    for me its like living the initial 24 years in Delhi and then the last 5 in Mumbai. Time to say goodbye to Mumbai is close now.

    i started with hatred for the city of mumbai when i first landed here but right now i don't think i love delhi as much as i love mumbai. I have documented the transformation of my hate for mumbai to love for the city and if you have nothing better to do, check

    i just concluded my love affair story with the ninth chapter :)

  8. hellooooooo

    my cute cuddly friend.. muaaah

    how r u .. aww i miss u :(:(:(

    nice nice intro there ;)


  9. stupidity irritates me to the core. Trying to be a bit more patient ... why wld u wanna be patient wid stupid ppl?!?! :P don't even bother :)

    d color pink exists for u!:)

    happy blogging here!

  10. 2 mast log to hain yaha

    will return :D

  11. hello :)
    loved your persona...I'm sure will love your writing too :)

  12. how was ur induction n all.. pune wasn't tht far btw.. hmmm!

    Mumbaikar + Delhi-ite.. ki combo hain :)

  13. Hey Ishi, thanks... you know how much I love clicking my own pics all the time.... it's better than looking in the mirror.

  14. Thanks a lot John :) I will try to be regular here.

  15. Hey Keshi Girl!! How is you? Thanks for the compliment.

    Yes, Ishi’s idea is brilliant:).

    I hope I can be more regular on this one at least write about every topic as the time gap is of a fortnight.

  16. Hi Kathy, how are you doing? Yeah it feels great to be here and around all you wonderful people :) I hardly get time or net access to be on either the blogosphere or orkut.

    Thanks Kath, I clicked that pic myself.

  17. Hi Jewel…… I am so used to call you Amy as that’s what Ishi uses whenever she talks about you.

    Thanks for the compliment and I am so glad that you liked the intro post.

    Looking forward to know you better too :)


  18. Hey Rajbir, kahan ho yaar… itna arsa ho gaya tumse baat kieye huye….

    That’s not Bandstand, I was at Worli sea face and it was in between work schedules…… trust me when I say that :)

  19. Hi Tejbir, I always loved and still love being in Bombay (that’s what I still love calling that city). It is so funny that one doesn’t even realize when the city sets in the blood. Trust me, you’ll miss Bombay more when you’re away to another place.

    Will surely visit your space, thanks for dropping by.

  20. What is this Uttsie??? Why isn’t your pic here?????????? Hey I am fine. Yeah surely miss the times we had in Bombay. That was so so sweet of you:)

  21. I know I’m trying to be patient with irritating people but that will do me good……I will be a better person. They will rot in hell, ha ha ha.

    Yes pretty pink will always be the colour for me. Mujh par pink colour ka kafan odhana please……hey I mean it, it’s like my last wish pls……

    Thanks, happy blogging to you too.

  22. Hey Burfi, kaisa hai bachche? Long time.

  23. Hey Mala, I just loved meeting and being with you. You are such a nice, down to earth person. :) hope I didn’t bore you with my life and practical and sisterly talks.

    I hope you like my writing, I like the way you express.

  24. Sudeep Bala, Pune is exactly as the same distance from Bombay as Bombay is from Pune…… phir tu kyun nahi aaya?

    Oh I am such a deadly combo, you forgot the Bengali bit of it…… RBT:) Royal Bengal Tigress.