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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Recommend than review !! { Uttsyy .. :) }

Hey Hi All!!

Now its my turn my turn :p .. YEYYY !!!

My blog review ( nahh!! its not review ) i would recommend, if i say review ( its a very nasty word for such a great writer, it's a crime!!). We all have read his comic somewhere or the other. His blog is very inspirational, optimistic, and he is loved by many, be it a teen / young / old people with any profession... He can put a smile on your face with his cartoons.. am talking about Scott Adams and his cartoons DILBERT :D ( i can see u guys go grinning *winks *) I got his link through Mala.. He had written an article how he lost his voice ( can u imagine not talking :O .. DAMN!! * those who know me will say y i wrote this damn !! :p ) I WILL DIE!! .. but the irony is that he was way to optimistic and worked hard to get his voice back.. Read the story here, you will know what i mean !!!

Keep Getting Inspired!!!

Happy reading!!
Have a Gr8 weekend guys!!
PS: Please click on the pic to enlarge it.


  1. I discovered life the day I started reading him.

  2. @ mala..

    lot of cards are unopened yet.. so am in the process :) yes he has opened few i can say!!

    thank u :)

  3. damn! you took the best blog:( now what am I going to recommend!:((

    But dilbert is a big time favourite of mine:)
    great choice:)

  4. @ Yashita..

    Thank you!!

  5. will definitely check him out. Thanks Uttara..

  6. @amylicious...

    sure sure ;)

  7. Soooooo.. this is what happens in the HR dept. huh??? :P

  8. thanks fr sharin uttsy :)...a good recommendation indeed!:)

  9. hey best choice really sweetie... soo inspirational, just now i've checked it! enjoyed the cartoons cooool! ^_~

    ... now i have problem here of what blog to be recommend next lol!! u guys got the best na awwwwwwww....
    Ish wait na... ;( plsss...hehe ^_^