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Monday, June 18, 2007

Favorite post...hmmmmmmmm (Shooting Star)

The topics this time got me not much of a spoofer so thought lets not try it and fall flat on my face...and i dont have a favorite post in my personal blog coz each and ever post is a maifestation of my feelings at that moment....but still...the post i choose to share is close to my heart coz i love rains and this was written just after i had wonderfully got drenched in rains was written i think exactly a year back

A thousand needles pricking my skin….no it’s the raindrops the wind blows into my ears..and into my soul……..i feel alive ….more alive in the moment than I have been in the whole day….or maybe whole week……I feel one with nature….one with myself and one with the wind…..i am the wind I am the rain…..and I can be what I want to be…in this moment…a thousand desires such as these…and only one lifetime to fulfill them……………..


  1. heyy SS..the post signifies the "feel free" quotient which can be rightly related to anything like rains..

    nice post!

  2. thats indeed a very deep post...WOW Star! Got me thinking...a tousand desires...and only one lifetime. Or is it maybe we only know of one lifetime?


  3. I dunno why but this post reminded me of two songs. the first one is fromthe movie "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" ~ 'Raindrops keep falling on my head'

    and teh second one was composed by my college seniors. it kinda went like this:
    "Baarish ki bondo se jo bheega yeh tan,
    saanse ruki mera paagal hua mann,
    tere husn ka yeh kaisa hai jaadoo,
    deewana karde dil ko bekaabu,
    nigahe meri madhosh hai,
    aur behka yeh sama....
    tujhse hi... yeh jaha,
    tujhse hi, hai wafa,
    kabhi to saanso se saans mila,
    dena na yu saza....
    nigahe to mila... "

    Rains!! hmmm........ got my mind racing on it now!! :D

  4. nice...indeed you were completely in that moment drenched fully!

  5. A very deep poem :)) and Beautiful written :))