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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mumbai Dhamaal (messy and abhishek)

(ring ring).. Hello
"I am at shoppers stop, where are you"
1st floor, lets see who finds whom!- Said Messy

I was a little apprehensive, Three Bufers to meet!! dear Rich couldnt make it due to "not well Flag"!!

Coming out of the lift, I passed "the pair" in Green and Brown! She seemed like Messy, I smiled, lightly, She did not quite respond and I moved on the floor to check out some stuff. But then turned back coz I knew they were around.

Ha Ha.
We all met with a "HALO" wali hello.
As I was new, and the lovely ladies had known each other for , there was some ice that needed to be broken.( which was taken care by the sound of my groaning stomach) and I declared that I am very Hungry and needed to eat , Just about anything.

Ghoom fir ke we reached Bombay Blues

The Huge stylish glass of Iced tea ordered by Messy made my Pizza look a little small!Slowly we moved from quizzes on paper to Wishes by Genies and we were all laughing to glory.Mala, though had decided to get her Nirvana now finally ( though for a short time only), could not help dig into some pizza. She exclaimed, that her wants seem to have been fulfilled. Its a different matter that SOME Long Lost Chicken Sandwich kept haunting her!! After stomachs( partially full) we decided that we needed to decide where to go next.Juhu being Messy's illakka, we handed the reins to her ( actually the command to the auto-wallah).The weather so mare than amazing. All you need to imagine is just dark grey cloudy skies with super cool breeze, and LO we reached a surprise corner of Juhu Beach. The water was so clear that.. err..umm well it was basically very clear..The Thrill of having discovered a long lost Lounge soon went phut, when we were kindly informed us that there was a"Private party" going on. We reached the SEE-Sea-D ( CCD) opposite the Beach, only to discover that the place was surprisingly "VEG only" and we were not quite impressed with the LYCHEE juice it was serving!!We moved on, with a plan to decide on the way. :))then we headed to have the Famous ILRA's Pani Puri ( Gol-Gappas, for the un-initiated)MalaJEE's blisters did not come between her and the GOL_GAPPAS!!After our dose of Vitamin "C"( We were doing CEE CEE after the CHilli Pani-Puri's).. we decided so to check out this BIG Mind Blowing ART Gallary!! Well the painting cant be descibed with words here, so I will not attempt!! We laughed so much that the clouds had to compensate and started pouring just wettiing us a little bit before we reached Barista.....

(contd by messy)

whew!! before i start with what happened next let me describe a few things abhi missed....

when abhi crossed my path at shoppers stop i was busy talking to mala and we were giggling over something silly... and then this guy (with awesome dimples) gives us an apprehensive smile... by the time i could make out it was abhi and smile he had moved away from us... now guys u cant blame me... i thought he was taller than what he really is!

and i understand his terrified smile too... i had told him whenever we meet someone new, we rag them left, right and centre... so i guess he was terrified of meeting us... luckily for him utsy wasnt around... or we would have really messed up with him :p (lucky chap) [Abhi: Hee Hee]

when we went to bombay blues abhi got the idea of asking us 3 wishes which we would like to have in life... mala ofcouse wanted things related to nirvana.. when abhi and mala started debating about what nirvana really meant... mala said eating food at that moment was nirvana for her and started chomping on her pizza! nirvana for sure !!!
[Abhi: MalaJEE wanted to have the weather in her total control, anytime and everytime among others, and Messy is going for this world exploration tour, amd me apart from going back-packing to Europe am Going to DISCOVER SOMETHING!! :D , :D ]

while in the auto, when we were going to the beach we thought we would get into the kiddy mode... we started playing a game! yeahhh comeon dont give us weird looks... it was so much fun... we played the name game... kind of antakshari with a difference... and abhi tried to catch us with the letter 'a' and we would try searching for names with that alphabet! ohhh abhi we werent so bad right??? [Abhi: not at all yaar, infact I was stuck with some "H" or something.. but you were two yaar...]

at the beach we thought we would get in some pic for the benefit of the bufers... chk out my pic with mala... isnt it sweet?...

(psst... most of the pics were deleted as they came out so bad that we couldnt stop laughing :p)

ccd opposite juhu was really boring... not for me... as im a vegetarian... but mala was stuck up on eating a chicken roll.[Abhi: Sandwich sandwich!!] .. n the place didnt serve non vegetarian food... so we decided to skip ccd n move on to barista...

on the way to barista mala and abhi were discussing pani puri and how mumbai never served the kind they got in delhi... i told them i would take them to a joint that atleast served some good pani puri... (ufff still i guess no comparison to delhi pani puri... mala couldnt bear the hot chilli paani because of her blistered mouth!... abhi and i enjoyed it a lot)
[Abhi: but the suji wala Gol-Gappaz are also too good!!]

we decided to walk up to barista... and on the way there was this seedy shop[Abhi: WHAT!!it was a ART Gallery... what seedy .. ;)....] that had some paintings.. and we decided to explore it just for the fun of it... by the time we planned to leave it was raining a lot... so we picked up an auto again to barista...

now we had a surprise for mala... since it is her birthday today we decided to celebrate in advance... i had got a cake for her and had carried it with me all day... the minute i got it out mala says, "nooooooo please dont sing."... now for those who dont know our mumbai gang much... this all started with how we celebrated z000nies birthday before he left for manchester... we were at a pizza hut and the minute the cake was out the guys there started singing at the top of their voices and got the whole place down.. it was really embarassing! thats y the reaction from her...

i promised her we wouldnt get into much 'halla gulla'... and we had a silent cake cutting ceremony... ofcourse we missed all of u! the cake was yummy and we ate almost half of it between the three of us :p...

[Abhi: Hello, what about the babe, who was sitting behind Mala, with the sardarjee, who could not stop winking at me.. :P]

we had some more pics clicked just for ur benefit... do check out our drinks... and decide which one u would like to have... (psst... i had the green mint one and it was awesome :D)

in a while it started pouring... and we decided to leave.. it was 8.30! almost 4.5 hrs together! just the 3 of us! and we didnt realize how the time had passed... we left barista and abhi n mala tried getting an auto... i said i would walk home as i lived just a few blocks away... so it was time to say bye as i started wading through the ankle deep water to go home... i nearly got drenched by the time i reached home, wondering if abhi and mala had got an auto to go home....

thats it about our meet in mumbai... i hope this post isnt not tooooooo long... all in all it was a fun meet... we really missed richa who couldnt make it at the last minute... utsy who was having fun in delhi... and harjee, loongal and sam too... i wish someday we all get together... we would need a whole day to catch up... 4 hours is too less!!

happy birthday mala... we decided to skip ur part of the meet as we wanted to surprise u with the pics and the post on ur birthday today... hugssssssss girl... have a lovely day and a fabulous year ahead...
wishing rajbir a very happy birthday too... i wish u were here too we would have had a double celebration... ! (now u know what we did there rajbir)...

bbye laterzzz


  1. really feel nice to read about your fun meet........and abhi's expressions are just i have already told him!!!!..wish we have more meets in future....!!!! and oh...HAPPY BIRHTDAY MALA!!!!..nice cake..i wanna bite.........

  2. happy b' just sucks there is no one else from chennai!!

    lol u guyz sure did hv a nice time...and next time i cum there.....u better take me to that chat place and CCD or whatever..will show u what a real hog is ;)

  3. oh.... i am so.. J..
    i mean thanks to the flu i missed out on all the fun!! anywyz.... good to know you gys had so much fun.... next time... i am turning up... no matter what!!

  4. Wow... awesome post you guys. Looks like you had a nice time despite being just 3.

    So when is the next meet planned??

  5. ahaa.. bombay ki yaad aa gayi..i have spent one summer there :)
    and happy budday to mala!

  6. missed it :o(
    will b thr next time!

    happy bir'day mala :o)

  7. Ram ram mausiiijiiii !
    Ab mai samjha kaunsa cake miss kiya...sigh* Par koi baat nai mai kuchch deeno me fir ramgarh aaunga aur is baar nai chhodunga, ek ek ko chun chunke milunga...:)

  8. Arrey Mr.J, SAM and Southpaw..

    Ppl you better plan up when ur in town.. we should meet again soon!!

  9. you guys really had fun......people must get along from the first hi to even spend four hrs together :)

    Messy & Mala you both look so cute :)
    Abhishek you are a good looking man i must say :)

    Hey i missed the cake but Mala baby if i was around i wud have sung a happy bday for you..... we were so loud when we celebrated ishi's bday.....never get embarrassed, get embraced instead ....LOL...he he he....i'll see you soon and my treat is due :)

    @rajbir - tum aagaye aur tum mil liye.....its been a yr dude!

    well written post....mala's version awaited!!

  10. speechlesss....the evening was one of the most memorable times I have spent with anybody,,,thankyou messy and abhi for all that you did that you both :))))

    and thankssssssssss everyone for the wishesss..hugssssssssssssss

  11. wowowowww!!

    i missed it .. i was so close to you all ... like 10 mins from juhu beahc!! and i am also aware of messy's efforts to get in touch with me ... jeez i hate myself for this now!!

    but am glad u guys had SO MUCH fun!!! and kinda jealous too :P
    i hope i can meet u all sometime soon too :D

    and Mala .. am sure u had a fab birthday .. isnt it? Happy birthday once again!

    and Southy to u too a very happy birthday!


  12. Lovely happy pics Neha HUGGGGGGGZ!


    I wanted to wish u on ur bday but I didnt know where :( cos ur blog isnt active either.

    So tnxx for this post Neha. Seems like u guys had tons of fun!


  13. WOW !!! I am so jealous ....khaas mein bhi aap sab ke saath hoti !!

    Happy Birthday mala and Rajbir. Have loads of fun and with loads of love.

  14. MUMBAI dHaMall!!

    this meet is the result persistant planning and plannig and more planning!!

    credit to messy and ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE who came for the MEET!


    so keep planning

    lets start from now ..what are all ( yes ALL ) the possible dates ,
    when some or all the people might be in the cisty of MUMbhai!!

  15. yaar nehaa... i was seriously missing u all ....:( hey i will be back this weekend and we shall all meet for sure.. next week .. :)
    am having a fab time here.. anyway...

    i was waiting for all to get back but main hi reh gayi :( am the one missing ..:(

    hmm theek hai koi baat nahi :) fir kabhi :d

    hum kaha ja rahe hai madam :d

    mala & raj... hope u had a fabulous time on saturday :)


  16. i missed writting this..

    **luckily for him utsy wasnt around... or we would have really messed up with him :p (lucky chap) [Abhi: Hee Hee]

    oyeeeeeeeeeeee mera impression kharaab kar rahi hai.. it should have been a surprise na nehaa :p...loll

    lemme come back at onceeeeeee


  17. @ Uttara:


    we were waitin for ya!!

  18. @ Uttara:

    Interestingly I have discovered this contact on my Gtalk called UTTAR (ALSO)..
    and this contact oftens comes online.. say," Do I know you " and goes offline..
    DO you also know about this?????