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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

mother india(vishesh)

it was my 7th post.I realised this only now.I don't believe in coincidence and i consider 7 as my lucky number.

This poem was and will always be a huge part of my life.For the first time,in my life,i worte something with "art and adoration"(from the frog and the nightingale by vikram seth).IT inspired me ,to come up from the mess i had landed up my self in.I had hit the ebb of my school life academically,managing even to flunk in maths!!.The poem helped me get to know my self better and how fortunate i was.It helped me get a insight into myself and surprisingly,even the peers who used to look down on me appreciated it.It gave a sense of joy which i had never felt before.

IT also got published in my school magazine last year.So herd it goes,though it is a long one :)

i had previously mentioned the good things blogging has done to me and one of them being improvement in my language,you can see it in this post :)
MY best poem so far.....
it took a lotta effort to write...
so thought u should see it.....

-by Vishesh Unni Raghunathan

As young as the earth, started
A land, seven others unified
Roamed by dinos. Newerness dried
Slowly to a pair. Then with its
Lands alone started a journey, life’s
Lasting ground. Kings crossed a chess queen’s
Nine gems profound. Bows for archers,
The Aryan script. Pen heavier than sword
The Vedas. Buddha to Mahavirha,
The avataras of celestials, Alexander’s
fears, Ghazni’s seventeen ponders. Kalinga’s
Ashokan penance, past Kahn, lame, Babur’s
Petit army. Benevolence with gems
Akbar the great. Taj Mahal
A paradise of love, eye
dropping forts the red one and the
Mountain rat’s. The Brits’ canons faced
With braveness of the mightyness. Never
Say die, we shall rise, the wise old
Men, the pride of India
Bharata gauravaya namaha.

A history bigger than its constitution-the
World’s largest. Too many to name, you can
Count them if you want-the languages, dialects,
Beliefs and gods. Mantras from the oldest
World, hold the hearts of millions. Life
At its greatest potential, with morals
Of the Gita and Thirukurral.complexions
Made simple by Chanakya, discovery
Of Yoga and Sankaya, father of surgery
Sushruta, Bana’s and Kalidasa’s magic,
Inspiring our minds still. The scars of great
Kurukshetra,Panipat and other wounded lands
Changed the world. The power of words
Proved history. Vyasa’s and Valmiki’s
Simplified past. The bhagavatham-for
The past, present and future enclosed. Gitanjali
And other inspirations of Tagore, the vivid
Lines of many more to count and name.
The pride of India.
Bharata gauravaya namaha.

The hue and beauty of our flora and fauna,
The singled Rhino-the marshy wet northeast.
Even when seeing west not to take rest
The hyenas, jackals and foxes. Teak
Sandal and rosewood furnish the world,
Eucalyptus and others for health, watered
By the Ganges, Indus, Kaveri and other
Water maidens. Our crown, our protector.
Ancient sands, reminder of the vibrant
Echoes. No shadow too long, yet an
Elephant’s memory. Our Bay on East,
The Indian with corals and fishes, with the West
Ward Arabian. The Bengal shers
The Gir lions, the horse faced forest
The lap of luxury. The rising
Wind form storms for a dance
Of our peacock. The antique lands,
Our masonry inspirations. The
Crawlers, flyers, swimmers, walkers
Our protectors, friends, the
Pride of India
Bharata gauravaya namaha.

The depthfull caves outside-in, the headstone
Of discoveries. The natural hues and stone
Emotional faces, smooting to our mind
The work of fore fathers of our kind.
The sculptured rocks in Ellora,the Kailash
Beauty carved to embed human imaginations.
The Ajanthan caves, statues of Buddha-past
Future of the peaceful god painted on walls. To
Commemorate their worship and kingness
The temples of love, power, beautyness’s
Heart Belur, Halebeid, Somnath and equitants.
The radiant towering Mahavirha at Sharavanabalgola,
Temples in the ranges of the Konkan West,
Seven hills god, the ananthasana Vishnu,
The snowed linga, the sun temple, Jama Masjid,
Churches and every other sanctum, behold
The one power mesmerizing sorrows,
Replacing them jovially to the one fold faith
Our motherland. The pride of India
Bharata gauravaya namaha.

Symbolism synchronising dances,
The cheerful voices with faith,
All in respect of the omni present.
Like the lotus blooming at the sun,
Every heart sensing the riches and love
Of our evergreen culture. The will
To work at the highest zenith, powered
By the songs of everness; to protect
Her, the daring protectors; to connect
The super natural to the mortals, the
Men of prayers; to richen her wealth
The sellers; welcome aliens to the
Land of nirvana and peace.
Giving’s personification, the power of will,
Theories existing’s discovery minds.
Harnessing the universe, building life,
Creator’s homeland, the lap of luxury,
A man’s dream place of birth.
The power of unknown’s life
Enfolded in you, pride of our Mother, India
Bharata gauravaya namaha.


and to top it off :)

here is a photo of moi :)


  1. can feel the patriotism :) amazin!

  2. I can see ur very proud of ur motherland. It's great to know that someone as young as u r is thinking abt his country with so much respect and love.

    Good on ya Vish, great post abt India!


  3. bharat gaurav namaha :)

    a land of beuty...a past so strong......INDIA ROX!!!!....

    usually dnt write short commnts.,.but i dont think this needs ne ...

    just simply...BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!! :D

  4. I see a lot of hardwork here. The magitude of the poem, and the attempt at inherent rhyme is applaudable.

    Somehow the first and the last strophes, work the best for me!

    Great work Vishesh, and yes you are good at language.

    And @Frog and the Nightingale, wasnt it a lovely verse? =)

  5. great work... amazing way of putting across the rich Indian history and all.......

  6. Wowww! Vishesh i think u should really write and publish a poem book out!

    U've got it!

    Thanks for sharing. Profound!


  7. I must say this is amazing Vishesh...simply reading thru it had me feelin ever so proud of who and what I Indian...

    Must say...everyone's coming up wid brilliant posts on this topic.... :)

  8. @keshi:thanks! i love india!

  9. @aashi joshi:thanks :) lol we all love india :)

  10. @aakash:yup ,loved it....had it my last year reader :)

    /*Somehow the first and the last strophes, work the best for me!

    thanks man! lol thats something which many people have had a problem in understanding :)

  11. @ishi: thanks..

    lol ya everyone's posts are aamazing!