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Monday, June 18, 2007

My Favorite Post

My favorite post so far has been a poem I wrote more than a year ago. It resonated the state of my mind. I named it "fighting it out"
whirlpool of emotions
and yet she dives
into the nothingness
that defines her being.

calm of the mind
and yet she gets pulled
into the turmoil
that rules the heart.

silence of the lips
and yet she's caught
by the words and shadows
dancing in the eyes.

turbulence of the past
and yet she gets lead
into the placidity
of the future.

all she lives for.
Well, there are so many posts that I hold dear to my heart for reasons known only to me. Some of them are this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this....

Okay, Mala, STOP!


  1. nice poem mala...words mirror the inner turmoil within....

  2. thats a powerful post Mala...a very bold and encouraging one.


  3. beautiful!! great job.....

  4. Mala ...thats avery nice poem :))) and wonderful :)))

  5. 'Ceasefire.' Loved the turn of teh phrase here. :-)

    And tell me about finding your one favorite post! Tough, isnt it?

  6. zanku zanku zanku :)
    and tonight I shall read all the posts of the past month :D

  7. wen dis topic came up i wz lukin frwd to readin ur post.... :)

    and needless to say i love this!

    m gonna fav this one...for sure...

    have to check out the other links too...lots for me to catch up with na

    and thanks for calling :)...