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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My weekend (Seema)

When i read Ishita's post to write about your favourite post, i cdnot help putting this post here. It is a very small and ordinary post but this is the post or rather this was the day my life changed...... Though iam putting in the post as i had written it then, i would also be adding in a few details to it now...For those of you who want to read the original post the link is below:

My weekend(05/08/06)

As usual my days were not so good. The only good thing that happened was i meet my new friend. He is a Doctor. So young. And he is so down to earth...Wow he had a laptop...An Acer laptop....Oh am i crazy for laptops...It felt good to work on his laptop for those half hour...When would i get one of my own?????? We had icecream and noodles...Wow i enjoyed them...Hoped to go for a movie on Sat but then it was Varmalakshmi and he was too busy....And then i sat and watched Gangster..It was a great movie...Though i dont like Imraan Hashmi....The movies was okay...Oh the songs are awesome....Specially Bheegi Bheegi. Bangladeshi singer James makes an impressive debut with Bheegi bheegi.This one's not a Pritam creation but based on on a song called Prithibi by the late Gautam Chatterjee (a cult Bengali rock songwriter who was the leader of a band called Mohiner Ghoraguli). An interesting arrangement that alternates between minimalist and soft rock, powerful lyrics (by Mayur) and James' inspired performance ensure Bheegi bheegi is another winner.


The post ends here...but this is were my life actually started.....

Let me tell you all how i met him.....

31/07/2006 17:06:59

Iam in my cab on my way to office. Almost near the gate of my office when i get a sms from an unknown number. I dont exactly remember what it said but yes it was a hai hello msg. That particular day i was in a very bad mood since my promotion was not getting thru...I was very rough with him...I called him and screamed at home. Sent rather nasty replies. Still he kept sending me messages and tried to get friendly with me...

01/08/2006 00:39:33

Started feeling sorry for the person who has been msging me for so long even after my harsh treatment. Decided to talk to him. Believe it or not after that talked to him for half an hour and dozens and dozens of msgs. I found the person to be a very sweet guy.
And since then we have stood by each other thru thick and thin. He made me realize that iam not a worthless female and i need to love my life....
Jaan i owe u a lot..And i dedicate this post to you..just you....


  1. WOW Amazing story Seema! btw how did he first get ur number?


  2. beautiful story....... and yeah, like keshi i got teh same q!! how did he get ur number???

  3. I can feel the joy that you are feeling seems :)

    gud one!

  4. Wow seema..amazing stories. I have had this kinda experiences where unknown number calls me and stuff. never thought something like that could turn out so sweet. I am overwhelemed by ya story. Am happy you found such a sweetheart for ya self. may it blossom.

  5. Seema ....;) Too good and nice :))

    And you love Laptops :)))

  6. Thanks a lot for the comment guys...

    Keshi and Sam "btw how did he first get ur number?"

    Actually till date i have no clue how he got my no. He says i have chatted with him and given him the number but i just dont remember at all

    White Forest (Ratna)
    Offcourse you are the only one who knows what all i went thru

    Jewel Rays...
    Yes i def found the sweetheart of my life...And believe me you he is a gem

    Poo...Ya i love laptop and he has promised to get that laptop for me

  7. one of the things i never tire of repeating to my frenz is "u never know wen n how luv will happen"... and there see...ur post proves me so right!!! :)

    God bless...