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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A June Rose (by Keshi)

(This is a special dedication for a very special person. Hence I didn't think I needed to get permission to post this. Please don't delete this ADMIN :))

She is a beautiful rose born on the 20th of June. She is a wonderful mother. She is a lovely wife. And most of all a golden friend to have. I've known this rose for a very long time now. She's been one of my earliest friends in Blogville. She and I made an instant connection cos she and I are so much alike in many ways. Maybe cos we are both rather emotional Cancerians? :). Ishita has a way of making you feel special...she respects you for who you are...she has an innate ability to take you just the way you are. That's what I love about this Rose. Her delicate fragrance, her unmatchable beauty, her soul-searching writings and her honest opinions got me closer to her in ways that are not easy to put into words. She changed my life from just one line that she wrote to me in one of her the time I was feeling down and I was going to stop blogging, so I was informing her that I wont be around in BUF for a while...then she wrote to me and said this: Kesh whatever it is that happened, I'm sure the others have moved on, so why don't you too? That one line was enough to change me instantly. I swear it changed me just like that - so I picked my self up and continued just the way I was before. Not many people can say something to you that would truly change you. Ish is a rare soul and she isn't just words only - she means it. She's also the founder of this ever-famous BUF blog. She's a legend and I want to wish her a beautiful birthday and many more happy and warm bdays for years to come! HUGGGGGGGGGZ and MWAHHHHHHHZ!

I want to dedicate this song for Ish. Not only cos she loves this song very much (and it is also one of my favs) but also cos I think of Ish as a HOLIDAY. She's fun, relaxing to be around, refreshing, a beautiful wave, a heavenly getaway, a soul-awakening experience...

Music: Holiday by The Scorpions


  1. "let me take you far away you'd like a holiday..... exchange teh cold days for the sun, a good time and fun"

    one of teh best works of Scorpions and definitely goes to show what sort of a person Ishita is!! and maeks me think.........

    best wishes for you ishi... rock on!!

    and keshi, wonderful post!! I luv the song!!

  2. Sam has already said it all.

    But I am sure the honesty with which this blog post has been written, speaks a lot about the inspiration and impact that Ishi as a person is.

    And it also speaks a lot about Keshi! And the wonderful person she is. And now since she has also been booseted by Ishi hersekf so all i have to say to Keshi is that, Hey Girl, you better never give up okay. :-)

    Happy Birth(day-1) Ishi. Kal toh celebrate karenge hi. =)

  3. And ohhh, did i say i Lurrrrrrrrv that song!

    Keshi Rocks!

  4. beautiful pics....Thanks Keshi :)

    To Ishita:

    Happy Bday to you ..
    Happy bday to youu...
    Happy bday to dear Ishita...
    Happy Bday to you ....
    May god bless you ...with all your dreams and wishes come true!


  6. I love looking at your picture ishita. They are attractive..:D

    and Happy Birthday lady.
    There's something really alluring and attractive about ishi! :D

    Your beautiful!!:D


    Keshi a great post.!:D:D Nice pics !!!:D:D:D


  7. Happy Birthday 2u
    Happy Birthday 2u
    Happy birthday 2uuuuuuuuu

    Ishita ***HUGZZZZ****

    I wish for you the fulfillment of all your fondest dreams :))

    Keshi thats a wonderful post :))

  8. ishiiiiiiiiiiii
    a very happy birthday to u!!!
    keshi, lovely post... n glad ishi stopped u from leaving blogsville.:)

  9. happy happy birthday ishita...fellow gemini n BUF er....i wish you all the best in life n more...may u always have ur beautiful smile intact....... !!!!!!

  10. Sam, Aakash, Forest, Raghu, Vish, Amy, Poo, Diya and Star TY so much!

    Bday girl isnt here yet :(


  11. What a wonderful dedication....i am sure she will love it....she will be around tomorrow....

  12. hey Rajiv thats nice :) tnxx!

    The video wasnt working's working now. Sorry!


  13. Heh Keshi lovely snaps dear..and once again Happy bday Ishi

  14. quite innovative.. looks like i am the only IT-challenged guy out here :S

  15. Keshi ... this is one of the best dedications ever...and I'm overwhelmed and touched!! :)

    the pics got back some really pleasant memories....*smiles*

    I think I've always been givin u way too much advice :P ... but honestly I meant every word I've said so far and to know that they've had a positive effect on you...makes my belief in myself stronger....I think it's friends who can do this to us na...bring out the best in us? :)

    It's at times like this ... when I get love and appreciation that I feel everything I do is's a wonderful feeling...

    Thank you for the song...and yes it's a huge fav...coz it reminds me of what I love the most...being relaxed, with ppl I love...away from work/chores...enjoying and exploring new sights and sounds...*sigh*

    *huggzz*...a special you can make me feel this special!!

    and....Thank you everyone for the beautiful wishes...:)

  16. aww Ish finally saw it...I was wondering where u were. HUGGGGGGGZ n ty! Glad u liked it. Ish u hv always advised me in a way that never hurt/judged me...thats another quality in ya that I admire. so TY! Hope u had lots of fun on ur bday? Where r the pics Ish? :)

    And tnxx Jaanki n Jitterz too!