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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fav Post (Puja)

I don't have much to say
I miss you...
I miss US

Why this post ??? Bcoz this post means a lot to me. Cant express it!!!!
This is for everybody who love Ghazals

""shaam se aankh mein nammi si hai
aaj phir aap ki kami si hai
shaam se aankh mein nami si hai

dafan karr do humme ke sans mille
nabaj kuch derr se thami si hai
aaj phir aap ki kammi si hai

waqt rehta nahin kahi tikk karr
iski aadat bhi aadami si hai
iss ki aadat bhi aadami si hai
aaj phir aap ki kammi si hai

koi rishta nahin raha phir bhi ek tasvir lajmi si hai
shaam se aankh mein nammi si hai
aaj phir aap ki kammi si hai""

:) **Huggzzz**


  1. Love the picture..:)

    I don't understand hindi so can't really appreciate the poem. but it must surely be something nice..:)

    T.c Sweets


  2. Like Amy I LOVE the pic too!

    ok I dun u'stand Hindi :(

    But Im sure its a GREAT post Poo...


  3. I just love this ghazal.

    Gulzaar and Jagjit! Magic!!

    Hai na?

  4. keshi u sure don't understand hindi?? one of my fav ghazals... nice one. An attempt to translate:

    Since evening there's a tear in my eye....
    And i miss you more so, expecialy today...

    bury me such that no breather should escape my body,
    The pulse has has stopped for a few moments now,
    And today, I feel your absnce so much!!

    Time is never meant to stay at one plce for lonh!!
    It'd hibit's are somuch like dat of a mine

  5. lovely words...but i can't view the pic for some reason :(

  6. oh god such a pathetic translation.. dats why one should never write wen sleepy!!

    I'll try again:

    It's been since evening, dat i have a tear in my eye;
    As I miss you more, especially today!!
    Bury me such that no breathe should escape my body;
    For the pulse had stopped, been a few moments now;
    And today, I feel you absence so much!!

    Time is meant to be at a place for long;
    For it's habits are so human!!

  7. thats truly a beautiful song...and i loved the video too...jimmy shergill was cute :D

  8. very touching! really enjoyed it!

  9. poo, lovely gazal.. n the pic is too ud too. is that u???

  10. Mar gaye....mere jaise unpad gavaar ko ek helmet to de deti...:P

  11. @ Amy Howz you lady ???? Thats a beautiful song :))

    @ Keshi ..Sexy lady how are you?

    @ Aakash ...One of my Fav ghazals :)) Ji haan Gulzar and Jagjit

    @ Michelle :)

    @ Mala Indeed Jim Shergil very cute :))

    @ White Forest :))

    @ Diya No thats not me :))

    @ Rajbir ...aap aur Unpad ho hi nahi sakta ....Aap tho sab ke baap ho yahan :))

    @ Sam ....The way you have translated it is so nice ... I can never do it !!! Beautifully said :)))

  12. Poo, one of my all time fav ghazals... thanks! it is so touching.... reminds me of all the love lost.... but baby certain things are always best where they are... in the past. :) keep smiling.