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Friday, June 22, 2007

A severed life!!(diya)

I hardly remember the day I came here...Its seems so many years back.. but it hardly has been an year even.. The day when i was taken away from my family.. I didn't even realize that i was to be severed from them forever..May be i miss them so much now because i don't get to meet anyone like me here.. i cant say i don't have friends though..

i love playing with the kids and the new family, (my family now) is very caring and good..i know they all love me a lot and i am being well taken care of.. But at times when everybody else around me gets busy i long for company.. Its pretty frustrating to be inside the house all the time.. N even the times when i go out to the patio or by the pool, i get jealous when i see birds in a flock merrily enjoying their freedom beyond all boundaries.. I love going out.. long drives are really refreshing.. But that happens once in a blue moon.. :(

I guess my autobiography is looking very morose.. So let me tell you about the happier things i do..i love the days when i get to eat rice with yogurt cos tats my favourite.. I love it when the boys pay their full attention to me and are not called away by their mom.. I love to play the ball with them..I love the days when there are pool side parties when i get to roam freely upstairs without getting scared of being alone...Some days even the kids r left with me.. That's when parties are best..N i get to eat chicken.. Ah wat juicy bones!! The very thought makes me smile:) And i must say, that these days do come frequently.. So i guess i lead a happy life.. :)

Before i sign off i have a small confession..Its about the mad crush i have these days.. I just cant help drooling when i think of him..N this is the picture of his i have by my bedside.. Oh.. How i'd love to be on TV like him :-) Ok time to take a nap now..

I'll leave you all with a autographed picture of mine. Click on my name to view it ;-)

Love you all,

Daisy lu (Oh how i love my name...)

PS: I love my friend called diya who introduced me to u all..

This was a post i enjoyed writing.. N daisy is a real darling!!! oh i miss her a lot since we 've moved form there.. But still we do visit her often n plan to soon get sumone like her ;)


  1. Very interesting read. =)

    The click on the name was a revalation initself.

  2. good writings,,,i enjoyed while reading.....thanks for visiting

  3. Diya ...

    The picture is too cool ...and i love goofy :))

  4. nice post... beautiful weave of words!!

  5. this made a fun read...and daisy's a beauty :)..!

    i miss my lil ones too...lost the last of them earlier this year *sigh*

  6. awww that was adorable diya!!! lol and daisy lu is sucha cute name...i have a dog too...his name is romeo :P i bet hed fall for her instantly :P

  7. aakash,
    glad u enjoyed it :)
    raghu ram, thanks.. hope to hear more from u..
    poo, i love goofy too :D

    sam, thank u :)
    ishi, ya daisy's a beauty.. n loss of a pet is soo hard.. :(
    michelle, he he ya i like her name too.. ha ha yeah lets arrange a date for romeo n daisy lu :)

  8. voww..nice ... we all seem to njoy the smallest pleasures..i know its not asking for more :)

  9. Diya fun post ha :)

    I cudnt get to that link tho :(


  10. nice fun post diya!!! loved reading it....

  11. :) innovative and refreshing
    loved it.