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Sunday, June 24, 2007

My favourite post (tulipspeaks)

First of all guys, I am terribly sorry for being irregular here. I feel really bad not being able to put up regular posts and reply to comments here. But my work is taking its toll on me and I end up travelling to rural areas where Internet connection is not available! I am off to a place far away again later today and will only be back on Tuesday :( I will try my best to be consistent anyway. Please bear it with me.

Coming to current topic (I hope I am still in the time frame), my favourite post will be the one I wrote about Malaysia. I put it up in conjunction with our Independence day and I can remember that I was still new to blogville at that point of time. Not many knew Malaysia and I thought its only appropriate that I introduce my country to them. It was a series of posts and my personal favourite will be on the capital of Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur. Thats where I am from! :P Read on my post:

KL (pronounced Kay-El) capital..

Boasting landmarks which become the talk of the world..not bad for a country which is still trying to catch up with more effluent and developed countries..

Been my home for the past 24 years and 51 weeks :P...(guess when is my birthday..z000nie..shhhh..)

I am proud to introduce to capital, the colourful KL ;)

On the right, is the Kuala Lumpur Tower (Menara KL)..a 421m telecommunication also doubles as one of KL's best ambassador (second only to KL Twin Tower)

Petronas Twin Tower on your left...the tallest twin tower in the world..look awesome in night..believe me, it looks beautiful in real as well..88 stores high with a bridge connecting both tower, it will shine both in day and night...It houses Suria KLCC..a wonderful shopping mall..The place Icey wanted to be!!


This is Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad..This Moorish-looking building actually hosts our court houses..situated in front of Merdeka Square, this is where the National Parade usually takes place..


This picture..showing the 272-steps leading to the main temple in Batu Caves..remember? thats where majority of Hindus and tourists will flock for Thaipusam festival..

Also a place you want to be whenever there is a festival for Lord Muruga....

But if you would like to visit the temple (minus the crowd), try to avoid coming down in January or February..


If my documentary about Malaysia is not enough, you can always visit our National Museum (warning..its only if you want to know more about this country..)..personally, i won't recommend it..because i will be there to explain every detail of Malaysia to you!


Putrajaya..our administrative capital..initially a forest and rubber estate, it was developed by then the Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad into what it is today..This is a part of our Multimedia Super Coridor..which even accomodate University Putra Malaysia (UPM) campus :)

The Putrajaya mosque by the man-made lake..

The Putrajaya bridge..
spectacular view in the night..

The Prime Minister's office


The new train station...KL Sentral... The old train station


For those who are fans of Schumacher.. :)..You will definitely can recognise the world-class Sepang Formula 1 Circuit


If you are looking out for a bargain, Chinatown (Petaling Street), is the place to visit..It's practically a street..with Chinese vendors selling various items like clothes, watches, foods etc..but one word of caution here..DO NOT leave the shop without buying the items you have already bargained for..the consequences will be 'something' you will remember for a very long time


Modern day shopping centers can be found in every corner of KL..after all, it is the shopper's paradise!!

Please believe me when i say this is a shopping mall..Called Sunway Pyramid..the building (or should i say the sphynix) was inspired by The Pyramid..You even get to ice-scating here throughout the year...Not bad for a tropical country..

Next to this shopping mall is a lagoon (water park)..which i love a lot :P..Barely 10mins from my home..a place i love to hang around..

Midvalley of the biggest shopping mall in the Asia..hmm..till now, i haven't visit all the floors in here is that big!!

It houses my favourite bookstore, MPH..

There is an Hindu temple next to this huge mall, it is believed that, that temple was due to be demolished but since the developers decided to demolish it, cracks had been appearing on the wall of the mall which can be clearly seen from the road..then, they decided to rebuild the temple and the cracks had since stopped appearing!!


  1. a very nice detailed post on kuala shows how much u truly love it!

  2. ahaa...gr8!! m so tempted to plan a trip...*sigh* :)

    lemme save up first :P

    thank u for this wunderful post and beautiful pics :)

  3. Ammu WB MWAHHHH! I missed ya hun.

    I rem this post...indeedz one of ur best (u hv many BEST ones btw).

    This post opened my eyes to the beautiful country u live taught me alot abt where u come from. It's a great, informative n colorful post!


  4. wow tulip,
    the pics r soo beautiful n tempting:)

  5. Informative post. :)

    I've been to a few places mentioned here..:)


  6. Nice and crisp Documentary. =)

    You do LOVE KL!

  7. wow!! these are really nice picture's and Beautiful.

    Thanks ammu for sharing :))

  8. wot a wonderful post!! u really make me feel like packing my bags and moving out to KL NOW!!

  9. wow wow wow i have been to all thyese places ... i mean most of them ... and i miss being there already hehe!

    u're so lucky to be in KL :P

    nice post and esp the pics!!

  10. @ michelle

    love that place like hell! hahahaha.. very much a KL-gal nah..thats why.

    @ ishita definitely worth ur visit! blv me.

    @ keshi

    hugss!!! one of my best? aww.. thanks hun! *shy shy*
    i love this place like crazy..cant imagine being born in anywhr else in M'sia. KL - the best! ;)



  11. @ diya

    thanks dear! :)

    @ white forest


    @ jewel

    ah.. i can imagine that. u r close to my place! ;) hope u enjoyed ur stay here.


  12. @ aakash

    thanks dear. love the place to the max! ;)

    @ poo

    thanks dear!

    @ sam

    hey.. thanks! i would be glad if u do it right away! hahahaha..

    @ loon

    yeh! a lucky gal i am.. *shy shy*


  13. someday i wish to visit malaysia and thailand
    the post only makes me wish stronger :)