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Saturday, June 30, 2007

My Favourite Post (Suchi)

Whenever I think of my favourite post the first one that comes to my mind is this one...... I had written this a day before my birthday last year when I was going through the worst phases of my life..... and I was sure that GOD had forgotten me.......or was not looking at me.....

Each storm brings me closer to you
Dont know what happens but I find myself confiding in you
You may be troubled or you may stressed
but I still come running to you
You care or you dont
You listen or you dont
but I still find myself crying in front of you
You have lots to take pay attention to
You have others in the que too
but I still will be there to whine and grin
Just to tell you that I am here and I need you.......

This poem was an outburst of my anguish for the Lord Almighty and an attempt to make him look at me, which I think he finally did but by then he had taken away a lot from me ...... love, career, money, health, happiness, life, friends and above all my father.......


  1. i dunno if i shd be saying this but i thot u wrote this for just so fits!

  2. lol i donno what to say ....

  3. hi mala, i know i wud agree with you....... but this was one of my letters to GOD....:)

    u got to know me well i must say....


    vishesh, the kid on BUF.....what best could you say besides...LOL. thats alright baby


    i know that reaction of yours rajbir......thanks for being thr with me then n you buddy :)

  4. A letter to God !!!

    The peom is very nice has lot of meaning :)

    Tc dear

  5. how generous and selfless...lovely poem Suchi!