This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Blog Update, Topics & Birthdays! (Ishita)

New Topics (18th June, 2007 – 2nd July, 2007):

1. Share your favourite post till date (any from your posts in your personal blogs)

2. Write a movie/ book spoof

The Blog Updates:

All BUFer’s on Orkut, please join the new BUF community there! :)

Please send in topic suggestions!

BUF ADMIN: We have received a rather sad response towards admin volunteers. Please be aware that in the event we do not find enough volunteers there is a good possibility of BUF being shut down. It is one thing to come over at this place and hang around and it's a different story to keep things moving at BUF. We would appreciate if the members at BUF could take a bit more proactive role to keep this place running. To be specific, we need atleast 2 people who can coordinate things between them and update the topics, manage the b'days, blog updates and new joinees and we need atleast 1 member who can work on the technical aspects of BUF.

John is in the process of moving back to India and may not be around for a while at BUF and definitely not in a position to handle admin/tech related issues.

Personally, I will also be busy once school starts and have couple of personal trips coming up making my presence around BUF erratic and sporadic.

But yes it’s necessary to understand that J and I may not be around BUF forever and it’s essential for you all to take up responsibility of keeping BUF alive and rocking!

And now the…BIRTHDAYS! :)

20th June – Shooting Star (Sushmita)/ Ishita …

Sushmita … Bold, spirited and as I call her the biker dudette :-)! Known for her short and crisp posts, her hectic schedule keeps her away from BUF but definitely a BUFer we’d love to get to know better :). Happy Birthday girl!! :)

The following three BUFers are special since they have been here since BUF started. Yes, they’re among the first who got here and made BUF what it is!

25th June – Keshi

Keshi… By far one of the most popular bloggers in blogsville. She’s versatile, sensitive and a wonderful friend to many! She’s always ready with a helping hand. Known for her heartfelt, candid posts and *ahem* eye catching pics! Have a great birthday Kesh! :)

30th June – Mala & Rajbir …

Mala’s a veteran in the blogging world...been around the virtual world for a long time and at bloggers before she switched to Live Journal and chose to make her blog more personal. She’s makes a friend to cherish and a definite asset to BUF! Her book reviews make for interesting reads and great recommendations! Hope your day is the best ever….Happy Birthday!

Rajbir … The Outlaw…Southpaw…Many niks but just one of a kind!! Frank, outspoken and a friend who will never mince words. His posts have always been unique and make for great reading. He’s also a BUFer who’s always been around to welcome new BUFers and make them feel at home with chat sessions in the SB :). Happy Birthday!!

Last but the not the least!!

BUFer of the week: Amy (Jewel Rays) … she’s makes BUF special and fun with her presence not just through her beautiful posts but also her conversations in the Shout Box. Thank you :) and looking forward to reading your special post this week!!


  1. First of all, Happy bday Sushmita, Keshi, Mala and Southpaw.:)

    Have a special and all rocking bdays guys!

    And hmm...Thanks for the pick for the week. Never expected my turn to be early. Will try come up with something. Thanks for the effort ishita.


  2. happy b'day everyone...:)

    and jewel congrats on the bufer of d week :)

    and btw,ishi i didnt send my name for the admin coz of school...but i wldn't mind chipping in my bit to keep this place running..

  3. hey Sush, Keshi, Mala and Rajbir.... many many happy returns of teh day.. i knw it's a bit early in the day... but den... doncha worry will wish u on ur b'day too!!
    and jewel... congrats!! how r u?? now c'mon rock this place wid another beautiful post!!

    and yeah!! folks do chip in and volunteer, coz well.... god help is always appreciated!! :)
    r8 ishi??

  4. Great blog!! I will be back for more!!


  5. hey dere thanks a lot...and happy birthday to ishi ...n keshi n mala n rajbir n jewel rays!!!!!!

  6. This is weird and very odd! Don't you guys see Ishi's B'day? Or don't you all read the post completely??

    Well, Baby...We're here to make your day special :)

    And Happy Birthday Sushmita, Keshi, Mala & Rajbir!

    Yes, BUF needs more active members...Ishi and John started something great but they can't possibly be here forever. They keep a lookout for everyone here but it's time all BUFers shouldered more responsibility of the place that they now love to hang out in. wife, my friend...sensitive, loving and caring mom. Full of life and fond of friends and the lil things in life...she expresses her emotions in not just words here but in actions as well...I wish you the best of all birthdays and I pray to God that this space survives even after u, J or any of the original ppl move on...

    A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...we will party on 20th!

    luv u baby

  7. hi ishi,
    happy birthday to u..
    its my hubbys b day too this 21st:))
    also a very happy birtday to keshi, mala, rajbir n sushmita...
    ishis, i can volunteer for BUF. but i dont know with my time zone how things will work..

  8. Amy congratts! :)

    tnxx all for wishing me well ahead. Happy Bday to ISH mwahhhhhhh for the 20th! But I'd like to see ur pic this to Star's ok?? so on my request plz attach one of ur sexiest pics plz Ish? tnxx!

    And Happy Bday to Star, Mala, and Southy! I will wish all of u on ur special days too.

    tnxx Ish...this is very special. And now dun forget to put up a pic of u next to Star...and i want it to read this abt u:

    Ishita has been a source of inspiration and encouragement to many bloggers thru her extremely wonderful and soul-searching posts. She is a friend who u can count on any time...she's always there to hear ur story and offer an unbiased view on it. And most of all, she's the founder of BUF, a loving mum a beautiful wife...and a golden friend.


  9. Abt BUF Admin issues..I'll email ya Ish.


  10. And i would like to see ya pic on there too...:P

  11. Heh happy bday all u ppl celebrating ur bday this month...Iam wishing so as i prefer each one on that day individually...And ya darling ishi i volunteer to take the resp though i no not what needs to be done

  12. Okay the jailor and her associates r back...:P
    Topic update...since i dont watch movies very often and whatever i watch may not be that good to mention on this place, i'll go with my fav thing,'Shameless self-promotion' ahem ahem...richa, wacko, u r reading this...the cancerian inside me is jumping like an alabama
    Okay now coming bk to my fellow cancerians....
    Ishita: I dont believe u r a cancerian, itna patience lati kahase ho tum, pehle mujhe batao aur fir age baatein...

    Sushmita: I hv just started to chat wih her an looking fwd to know her better. I hv gone thru ur page SS and i loved the feel there.

    Keshi: My partner at the pole...:p, may God give her bk the golden touch she had in her write-ups a couple of yrs back! amen.

    Mala : Like i m a disgrace to the cancerians, she makes them all proud...

    Rajbir: Okay lets talk abt myself, bk to my fav business. Yes i m frank, outspoken and dont mince my words but in that process i hv hurt so many of u in the recent past, everytime i open my bigmouth i spit venom...damn...kabtak chalega yeh sab...sigh*. Yo mala btw we share that day with a nice celebrity, Iron Mike Tyson, i know u wud throw ur sandal from, afterall he chewed ur fav boxer's ear....but that reminds me that someday when i m out of this profession i'll sure hv the tattoo lik him on the face...Okay enough, lets talk abt Dylan, ahem ahem i mean the pretty girl i mean jewelrays...congratulations Dylan! u made charlie proud of u...:P

  13. lol Southpaw..Thanks for that comment ahemz ahemz Mr Charlie.:P

    And thank you everyone for the congratulations and all. Just want u to know its a big encouragement. Haiz..hope to come up with a smacking good post. if not, still welcome me? :P haha

    Thank everyone!! *huggiz*

    One more round of rock for the bday babies!!!!

  14. Southy I will wish u on special grounds on ur bday. So I'll reserve my pole-like wishes for that day ok? LOL!

    Golden touch...whoaa did I even have that :) tnxx Southy HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


  15. And ty JaanKi..awww..


  16. tnxx Mala n same to ya :):)