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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Silvara: Reflections

I wonder what my life would have been like if I was different. If I wasn't Indian. Or Australian. If the colour of my skin was different. If I was taller. If I was the same but born in a different place. Like Europe. Somewhere where the world was more connected. Would I be the same person?

What if I was an only child? Or the youngest, instead of the oldest?

Would I love science and art and fashion and history?? Or would I hate maths??

Would I still retreat into the world of books when I was lonely? Would I like the same books?

What if I was born poor? What if I had to scrimp and save for everything - where survival was more than just making in the business world - it was surviving life?

What if I didn't have one parent - or either? Would I be the same?

If I took away everything from my life that had the potential to shape me - who would I be? Just another human - like an empty canvas, void of anything.

It almost is exciting to think about the potential of starting over again - fresh and new. But what about what makes me now - would I change that to have a second chance?? I don't know.

Tell me what you think.

Is it the journey that makes the person, or the person who makes the journey??


  1. Hi,Silvara-whew-that's a long list of 'what if' reflections...query-do you dream about any of the answers to these questions,especially the 'what if I was a European,or,''would you change what makes you now,to have a second chance'??hehe...tough ones,indeed!

  2. very inquisitive kept me wondering

  3. @ amitl - Always. I am always wondering if even just a little part of me was different would it have the potential to change the very person that I am??? Lots of questions...still looking for answers

    @ Sophie - hehe I'm glad :) What do you think??

  4. Beautiful post Silvara.
    Apart from making us realise what we might be missing in life ... they contribute more towards making us feel thankful for what we have been blessed with.

    A very thought-provoking post there :)

  5. @ loon gal - ur right - you never realise what you have until u either think about it or it's gone...

  6. beautiful beautiful post hun! So apt for the topic. Just LOVELY.