This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Ok, I hope I am allowed to post updates.

Don't worry, I'm not leaving or anything.This post is a sincere request for Keshi to please not leave.

Look guys, I know you have busy schedules and issues but EVERYONE DOES so I am urging all you sleepy heads to please wake up! Don't tell me you can't write on one topic cause right now its not Between Us Friends.Its Between Michelle, Amit, Loon Gal, Southpaw, Keshi and Jitendra!

Anyway, Keshi, you have always been one of the major reasons I have stuck around to write not only here but also on my blog and you are always around for everyone all the time.I know you are frustrated, but I am really hoping you come back.Cause right now we need you.Please.I was so upset when I read your post.I signed off altogether.

I have a suggestion.Why don't we write on just anything? If you want everyone to still write on certain topics that is also definitely cool cause then you get a variety of thoughts on the same topic but you can also write on other stuff you think is interesting.

Sam suggested some nice topics.So how about we write on

1. A Book Review
2. What if a Sunday went missing in your life

I know I can't force anyone but I just had to let this out.


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  2. Thanks Michi I know u TRULY care abt me and more importantly abt BUF. This post shows that u truly know the value of having friends working together in BUF and that u dun just consider BUF to be a space for Writing only.

    I had alot of reasons behind that Goodbye post. You, Amit and Cheesy were the only REAL BUFers here for a long time now..and thats why I stayed on. The rest only came here to Write..not to Interact. I know I dun hv a say in that, cos Im not part of BUF Admin. So thats ok. But it makes me sad when ppl pretend as if nothing's wrong here and just act as if everything is ok when they come here only once in 3 months. It clearly shows they just wanna come here to vent out their thoughts and then leave for another 3months.

    Then again, I dun wanna whinge abt it...cos only I know how I feel abt this space and there's nothing I can do to make those ppl u'stand. Its how they like it, and I really dun hv a right to whine abt it.

    Anyways, THANKS for being a great FRIEND here and for standing by it all the time...u h never failed me, not even for a min. U hv always been the same friend no matter what and thats hard to get even in Blogville. trust me when I say that! U R QUALITY MICHI and u add real LIFE to BUF.

    Thanks n HUGGGGGGGGGZ! Also, read my comments in Ishi's post below. Ta! Catch u later. Will think abt this real hard (because of YOU) and let u know MWAH!


  3. keshi,

    that means a lot keshi...but it means so much more to know that you are staying...i need to talk to you about something ur email ad is kajole@

  4. Hehe so there ARE people who still care about BUF! I was beginning to go with the flow ... sorry about the sarcasm but thanks Michelle for showing me the right path again :)
    Tumne meri aankhein khol di

    lol messing!

    I like this idea ... we can do this in rotation, every 2 weeks ... put it up on the side bar or something indicating who's turn it is to post new topics! That way everyone gets a chance to write about what he/she wants to and share it with others.

    Am not sure if everyone would agree, but if they do it would be brilliant :)

  5. yep Michi thats my email.


  6. :D:D pleasantly surprised to find my name in the "regulars" list.. altho i am invariably (or so i assume) not diligent about every topic put up. hmm.. i ll try to review a book soon..

  7. Hi,Mich..that's one nice post,expressing your views quite accurately. I already wrote my opinion in Loon Gal's post.Let me just add' It's great to be here'!

  8. loony,



    alright i'll mail ya asap..


    lookin forward to it... :)


    its great to have ya and read yr posts amit!