This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hope it's not too late to apologize....

Hey guys,

Yes, I come back slinking in here, tail in between my legs, quite shamefaced as I know that I have been away from BUF for a while. So first of all - I am sorry.

*big toothy grin*

Now, how can you resist that smile??? Hmmmmm??? Hehehe, I know you all forgive me (I am crossing my fingers as I type that, so please please please forgive me) and I want to give a bit of an update on life as it has been, what's happening now and a bit of a ramble on the topics and BUF in general.

So....over the last couple of months I have:

  1. Gotten married :D

2. Honeymooned in New Zealand where one of the crazy things we did was bungy jump 400m over Queenstown

  • Moved in with my in-laws and settled into married life
  • Gained weight :(
  • Am now currently waiting to start work as corporate bigwig (I wish :P)
Life has been a bit of an adjustment to settle into, as any newly married person will tell you but I am trying to learn how to cook, drive a car, being on steroid medication for my hair loss, lose weight, find a house and not go insane with my time. I am still fairly regular with updating my personal blog which helps me vent, but more often than not I do feel my creative juices have sorta dried up by the time I come round to posting for BUF. Not that that is an excuse because I have seen many wonderful topics come up recently that have got me thinking and enthusiastic about posting - which is why I am getting back into the saddle today.

I have had lots of reasons to smile lately. Waking up in the morning with my darling husband. Reading the paper and drinking coffee. Playing tennis. Taking the dogs for a walk around the lake. Lots of chocolate (which is making me cry at the moment....grrr). My family. Weddings and friends.

My birthday on the 22nd of Feb *HINT HINT* I turn a quarter of a century. Noooooooo! :D

I don't exactly have a smile. With GREAT effort I keep my mouth closed - otherwise it usually turns into a full blown grin as you can see in the pics above. Everyone says I have glow-in-the-dark teeth, that really there isn't any need for the light to be on, because all I need to do is grin and I can light the way for anyone in the dark. It has gotten me into trouble...and out of it :P

So this is a bit of a request to Keshi and all the other BUFer's out there.... SMILE. Or grin. And come back.


  1. WOW u look GREAT! WB Hun MWAH!

    Must be great to me married and truly in love :) U look LOVELY as usual.

    Missed ya here in this space tho...but we u'stand u had bigger things happening in r life. Thats ok Silvara HUGS! Atleast ur here now yeyyyyy!

    I replied in Ishi's and Michi's posts Silvara. Its nice to know that so many BUFers here TRULY care abt me AND BUF...only few seem NOT to hv noticedIm leaving and just pretending to be fine with it LOL! Tho Im laffing, it makes me sad that these ppl r acting so hard on their EGO and that makes me wonder if I should really continue in a space like this...a space where some ppl dun consider me as a FRIEND at all..even if I was leaving, they dun wanna saw a Goodbye? Thats really sad!

    Anyways, there were so many of u who wanted me to stay. That makes me feel really loved and cared for. So I shouldnt worry abt few fake friends.

    Silavra plz read my replies in Ishi's and Michi's posts below. U'd u'stand why I was leaving. But now that I hv stirred all of my sweet friends to come out and scream 'we want BUF bak to LIFE' :) Im so glad abt that Goodbye helped BUF somehwat to come bak to life. I love it! :)

    And tnxx hun MWAH!

    TC n hv a good Sunday! Will talk to u soon.


  2. I know and I can see why things would have compelled you into doing that... people DO care about you AND BUF...I am sure of it.

  3. tnxx Silvara! I dun want all the ppl here to care abt ME..cos this isnt abt me...its abt BUF. But some ppl seem to think its abt ME and hv coolly ignored the real issues in BUF just to hurt me hehe.Strange...this is supposed to be a place for FRIENDS right? :)

    BUF is a common place for FRIENDS. If ppl take things personally, Im gonna start disliking this space. I dun wanna be in a place where ppl see me as some kind of enemy. Thats why Im gonna take it slow this time.


  4. HAHAHAHA @the baby pic! LOL Silvara ur a funnu dudette :):)

    Wont let some massive egoes get to me. I''l hang ard for all the lovely ppl here, like u, Jitters, Michi, Ishi, Uttsy, Darsh, Vish, Cheesy, Sam, Ammu, Poo etc. They deserve me.



  5. Hi,Silvara-welcome back..nice to see you here,as always.And,you don't need to 'slink in,shamefacedly'-hehe-I,at least,did not expect any posts from you for a month or two,during the 'settling down'time.Of course,I absentmindedly did not check your blog,too,for updates,thinking there'd be none there.Will check now.:)Cheers and WB again-waiting for your posts on the two topics.

  6. welcome back silvara!!!

    my my, u truly look like a blushing bride in that pic...very picture perfect i must say! and wow bunjee jumping! ur honeymoon must have been a blast! and u realli dont need to apologise cuz u were getting married and settling down and stuff...we obviously can't expect u to post whilst having a magical time with ur husband :P but its great to hear from you and i loved ur post!


  7. I have been checking your personal blog on and off ... mainly coz I wanted to check out the pics ;p

    You look stunning in that pink!!
    Gosh! lol marriage has its own advantages but its beginnin to scare me now lol .. thankgod am only 20! Phew! ;p

    Hope to see you arnd here more often .. till then take care xx