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Sunday, February 24, 2008

reflections III(vishesh)

well here's what i feel about truth and lies....its not that i don't lie,but i try to avoid.I will not lie when it really matters.I don't care even if ti is life or death.I believe in telling the truth and being frank,but then sometimes you have to be more discreet,according to the situation.Why all this about truth,donno,just thought about this.Why do certain people lie.As a "kid" sometimes "adults" feel its alright to lie to.I am teen now and still you can find people not being all that straight on the face.I think telling the kids the truth will help get away from unwanted things.Now if the parents of kids who go around shooting has told the kids that ragging and teasing are a part of life and had been truthful in the efforts to help them out then there wouldn't have been problems...

but how truthful is the world to itself? we all lied to ourselves about so many things and now we face so many problems...

anyway here's a poem...

truth and lies

from nowhere came lives

and from no where come lies.

the truth is hardly to be spoken

lies are the best presentable token.

life has turned into full of gambits-

you cannot survive without wits.

truth and lies are knit,

so that they perfectly fit.

if you want to be,

the very best,

and have cash in the bank’s chest,

and push away from the rest,

then lies are the best.

if you want to be

the trusted friend-best,

then learn to guard people like chest,

and don’t push way calling them rest.

truth is the best.

truth has no form,

so people might think it is wrong.

we belong to a throng,

yet have to sing our own song-

for life isn’t too long,

and sometimes its just prong.

but till our swan song,

we need to believe truth will live along.

or life’s worth will be gone.

this is one of fav songs:-


  1. I've been lieing most of the times m life.. not serious ones, but little ones, here and there. But these days, I've become very serious about being upfront about any sort of truth, and liars just enrage me. Guess I am growing up, and learning that truth has its own importance.

    I agree with your post, in a very short post, uve discussed how half the world really begins lieing.

  2. Im a liar sometimes..just to get away from mum's angry looks LOL!