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Thursday, February 7, 2008

*smile smile smile :)*

Long awaited news i so much want to share the joy and see you all smile.. :) :) :) I believe in spreading smile and happiness .. It's not what one thinks it's what one feels .. so feel the joy .. feel the happiness. go ahead and smile :). It's something which one can't get enough with .. right?

and the news issssssss...........

God blessed my Bhai and bhabhi ( bro and sis-in-law) with a princess on the 5th of feb.. YES ! A beautiful b'day gift :). I wanted to take the pics of all my gifts one would be her .. but unfortunately i
can't :p cos she is at the hospital.. all playful and getting naughty.. Isn't this a wonderful feeling? I was in the 7th heaven ( suchi u were right about this :) )

WOW !! I still can't believe this.. It hasn't digested yet .. hehe

"SMILE" and as it's rightly said...

"Smile is the shortest distance between two hearts" :)


  1. What a beautiful gift!! Congrats to your brother and bhabi :)

    Hope you had a fantastic celebration though!

  2. @Silvara...

    thank you once again :)..

    yes i did have a wonderfulll celebration :)

    thank u .. :)

  3. Hey uttsy!! belated happy birthday... and congrats to your bhaiyya and bhabhi!!! :)
    splendid gift i must say!! :)

  4. Such a sweet bundle of joy you got on your b'day.

    And the Bua and her niece have the same b'day! NICE.

  5. Hi,Uttara- *smile smile smile*,indeed..Congrats to ur Bhai and Bhabhi and to u,Bhuaji!

    Let me say-the lil one's smile is the best one I've seen since 2008 began,and,that's saying a lot.

    Have a great time with the princess!

  6. Isn't that absolutely brilliant?? I know how happy you must be! Congrats to your bhai and bhabhi and to u too for becoming a bua :D

    The baby is really cute and whats the name?? She's going to be like you now lol .. all naughty and flirty and hotty ;) And yes indeed its a beautiful birthday gift :D

    Wishing her all the health and success! :)

  7. Wut a beautiful baby! tnxx for the pics u sent me thru email too.

    God bless this child!