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Thursday, February 7, 2008


Oh well... I had thought on the book review bit, but then had to chuck it coz i haven't rad anything new in ages I suppose. I really need to get around to the book store now. Now, That brings me to the other topic: Missing Sunday.. or for that matter anyday.

Hmmm.... now, I'll be honest this entire chain of thoughts was spawned by the flick of the same name when I saw its promos on the TV. After having watched the film, I must say it is far from what I was thinking. I mean, in that movie a girl is drugged, adn then she loses track of an entire day during which she scares the wit out of two people, takes a ride with a drug abuser, get hit for being too smart, witnesses a murder (who later has mercenaries going for her) and finally somehow reaching home only to sleep off the entire Sunday!!! She remembers nothing and starts her day on Monday, thinking it to be Sunday!!! And thus the story weaves around her. Good job, I'd say!!! But then, I digress.

So, what was I saying? Yeah.... what if Sunday was wiped off from my life, the calendar? How would thing stand?? In fact, why do we have seven days in a week?? What is the logic here? With the Sunday missing, which day would be a holiday? And when would I catch up on sleep?
Oh, I couldn't think further expet absolute mayhem!!

Absolute, I tell you!! I think forgetting entirely about a day is better than to have it missing!!!

By the way, to all of you, when you are out somewhere do not accept drinks from strangers... they may be spiked. And for all that you know it might Rephnol (the rape drug!!). So be careful when you hit the pub the next time!!

Take care people and keep smiling!!! :)


  1. hmmm, interesting. I am sure direction wd have sucked!

  2. Hi,Sam-haha to the 'book review' comment..I think you're also less of a book reader and more of a TV watcher,huh?

    Re. Sunday being wiped off from life- I don't think it'd be so bad- working throughout the week,one wouldn't have any idle time,and,everyone would stick to the 'early to bed early to rise' dictum,to stay fresh.hahahahaha..Just kidding!It'd be horrible, to be without an off day.

  3. Did you write this post in a hurry? ;p

    Thanks for the last bit of information btw :)

  4. well..i have watched the movie....the story is interesting...however the script could have been done in better way!!...