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Monday, February 18, 2008

Missing Sunday: AmitL: Part I

HELLLP! I have a vague recollection of some events. Let’s see…I got up at 530 AM, went through the routine err, routines, coming to office, and then it began. A veritable bombardment- phone calls followed by phone calls followed by- you guessed it still more phone calls…from the landline to the mobile to the landline to the…In between, I have a vague recollection of eating salad and LF curd, and, then it was back to the bombardment as soon as I returned to what appeared to be my desk. Did I also manage to do some work in between?*muses*…I also remember walking and cycling sometime after that, in a despo attempt to forget the ache in my ears…

Did it happen? Did I dream it all? Or, was it all an extended Saturday night dream, and I slept through the whole of Sunday?

…and, today is Monday, when I’m alive and awake and feeling much fresher.

LOL. It happens, it happened yesterday, it could happen in the coming days as well. A Sunday gone missing, I mean. And, I’m left wondering whether the vague recollection was an illusion, a dream which I'm remembering nicely or reality.

Of course, it has happened with me only in Dubai. What happens is, Sunday is the first day of the working week here(Fri, Sat being off). So, all those suppliers who have also had two days off, or, those who could not contact me on Saturday( I avoid picking up the cellphone on Saturdays), have me on their ‘hit list’ for Sunday. So, from the cell to the landline to the cell, the day flies by, clubbed with the usual paperwork and all related project works, many times, the day ends before I can say ‘Ahchoo’.
At the end of it all, this is what it feels like, wondering how Sunday flew by:

Cheers! A bit more on Sundays, in the next part.


  1. you get up at 5.30??? Thats torture. I wudnt do that to even date aish (assuming she is willing) ;)

  2. it happens to me on weekdays...wen the pressure builds up soo much, the days just seem to fly and before i know it, the weekends are around again...thankfully i get to relax then and wonder what the hell blew past me :P

  3. wow its such a cool topic! missing sunday! nice post :)

  4. I really do not get how Sunday was missing in her life in the movie..

    Did any friends not call her?

    That was my first thought.

    If Sunday went missing in my life, I would sob that the free weekend minutes did not get used!