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Friday, February 8, 2008


Hi,all..I've been wondering which 'reflections' to write about...while I scratch my head and think of the best ones, here's some triva on the word,for you:
The word is pronounced'(rĭ-flěk'shən) '

It has some unusual definitions,besides the normal reflection in the mirror kind,which go:

- Something, such as light, radiant heat, sound, or an image, that is reflected.
- Mental concentration; careful consideration.
- A thought or an opinion resulting from such consideration.
- The folding of a membrane from the wall of a cavity over an organ and back to the wall.
The folds so made.
- An indirect expression of censure or discredit: a reflection on his integrity.
- A manifestation or result: Her achievements are a reflection of her courage.


Ok,so,after doing some mental concentration and giving some careful consideration,I arrived at a thought. The reflections I want to,err,reflect upon in my first post on the topic,relate to the oft-ignored(beyond a certain extent) part of the anatomy-our teeth. The reason?I was at the dentist's yesterday,and after an excrutiating filling,I couldn't help reflecting on what must have been on God's mind when he gave us teeth.

I mean,look,we brush them daily, we take whatever care we can,of these whites(Or,yellows,as happens in some cases,or,beetle-stained coloured ones,in still other cases)- some of us even floss them,get them shined regularly,treat them as well as we do our crowning glory(hair). Then, why do these batteeesis(32s) end up troubling us so many times?
Firstly, I wonder why all the teeth were not made identical? I mean,why not the front teeth(incisors and canines) be of the same strength and type as the back ones(molars)?Ok,you'll say,the incisors are for biting,the canines are for tearing and the molars are for chewing,right?Anyway,so,assuming that God,in his infinite wisdom,decided that man(and woman)kind need all three kinds of teeth,gave them to us. But,then,there seems to be an acute shortfall of the molars-yesterday,I was wishing that there were more of them than the 20 which exist currently,(And, from these,the last three-four usually take the onus of being the main chewers)so that the burden of chewing would be more evenly distributed. Err,I did forget to mention the wisdom tooth?

Secondly,I wonder why they aren't more accessible? I mean, one of the main reason cavities occur is that despite our best efforts(cakes and chocolates and colas notwithstanding), we still do not manage to brush perfectly,leaving those danged bacteria in the plaque moving around and having a field day (or night) at our expense, finally resulting in a compulsory visit to the dentist.

Imagine the mouth being able to open still wider(Laugh your loudest laugh and try brushing then-it's still inadequate) so that the brush could reach each nook and cranny and scrape out the plaque- which otherwise our friendly dentist does with his unfriendly machines.(The sound of that bzzzzz machine really makes me go brrr!).

Thirdly, do you think it'd be better if we had all been given dentures from the time of birth? Then, it would be so easy to just remove them at will, clean them thoroughly,ensure no plaque is there,and go clackety clack whenever our heart desires.

Fourthly, I wonder what I am complaing about? I know people who have had painful extractions, root canals, and absolute torture from other tooth infections...I've just had 'simple' fillings so far- touchwood! There,I guess these reflections made me feel more cheerful than I've been feeling,after the visit to the dentist yesterday evening. Thanks for the patient listening,nee,reading,all!!!


  1. I have an appointment coming up soon with the dentist, I don't even want to think about it :(

  2. i need to get my fillings filled again hehe

  3. I think I agree with you Amit! Am in one of my reflective moods right now .. and I was thinking of writing a post to let it all out (and it's not going to be as interesting as yours). I am surprised why were we given things we can not handle and take care of? And we can't even complain to anyone!
    People envied my mom's smile and her teeth ... until a few years ago when she had to get some root canal done and it lead to one thing and that lead to another and she feels so depressed now when she's in one of her reflective moods. (And no she does not use dentures yet!)

    Regular dental check ups .. and cleaning and all that shit aaargh! The moment I read your post it reminded me of a poem I had read at school by Ogden Nash. Was tryin to google for it .. but found it in someone's blog so am linking that --> here

    Btw a lil tip ... if you ever have a milky feeling ... or you feel your teeth are not lookin as white as their usual or anythin! Then try brushing them with a pinch of baking powder (not with the toothpaste, just baking pdr on its own) . You might even knw this alrdy but I thought of sharing it with you :)

    Anyway nice post :)