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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Call of the Wild

No!! This is not about a trip to the wild jungles and stuff like that. This is about what's there and what we are going to loose, what our future generations may never see. A couple of weeks ago I saw this report on NDTV (I guess) where they were talking of the diminishing number of Tigers and Gharials. While the number of Tigers have gone down, its the Gharials who are really the matter of concern. With an alarming death of more than 100 at the Chambal Sanctuary in the past couple of months for reasons unknown, the Gharial is now one of teh critically endangered species. I've been trying to dig up more on them, but its a painstaking work, what with our daily obligations in place. Anywyz, amidst all this I came across one such enthusiast, Apoorva Joshi, who has actually gone out there and is trying to do something about this. Please go through her blog: the wilderness n its wild kid.

Now after all this talk, I'd like some inputs from you as to how we can contribute to such issues. We can write, yes!! But apart from that, what?? Speak out, I don't care how absurd your ideas are, how naive, impossible illogical they are. Provide information if you have any. And if you are already involved do tell us about it. Every thought that you'd share counts. It's because of us that they are in the condition that they are!!!

This is not about us, it's about the environment that we live in. It's about the ecological balance. It's about what we pass on to future generations. Please, let's do something about it.


  1. well simple go out there and get busy saving them...get the people who kill them..kill the people ,we have enough humans....they should know how it is to die...maybe we can even make handbags out of them...

    *guess the influence of saw...

  2. I read this in ur blog too Sam. Great way to spread awareness.

    LOL @Vish's comment...making handbags out of humans.


  3. Well one of the main reasons behind it is that these are being killed just because some people want to show off how ruthless they can be when they flaunt handbags, etc.
    A ban on these won't really stop people from selling them ... neither would it stop those rich idiots from buying them!

    There might be other ecological reasons behind it as well.
    So unless we go into the root of the problem ... there's nothing much that can be done.

  4. BTW .. Am not sure .. what 'topic' this post belongs to?

  5. Hi,Sam-yes,wildlife is just one of the items that future generations might not see anymore.How to contribute?Try WWF,for one..become a member,make contributions,sell their cards,etc.It's not easy,I know.:)

  6. Thanks for putting up this post Sam. A post on any just cause is always welcome on BUF.

    NDTV is running a campaign to save the tiger. Those interested can sign up an online petition on their website,

    Go ahead, make a difference!